The Henny Swan Review – Proper English Pub

The Henny Swan

Time to review a proper English country pub! This Article will be all about The Henny Swan In Great Henny. If your looking for a great English country pub then look no further! It’s a bit of a double threat with its great drinks and amazing food.

I would like to state everything I mention is off my own back (not being paid to say anything) and It’s my own personal opinions.

Basic Details

Address: Henny Rd, Great Henny, Sudbury CO10 7LS

Telephone: 01787 267953

Opening time (pub not food):

12-10:30(Sun- Thu)

12-11 (Fri-Sat)

Henny Swan, Great Henny Estrella Damm

Would I recommend The Henny Swan to others?

Yes, It’s a fantastic pub! I recommend it highly but as much as my sister who fangirls over the place! I would like to say this is underrated but with the locals and the town of Sudbury but it is a massive hit. If you are thinking about going to this place in the summer for food make sure you book ahead. It is a must for any travelers or visitors to Suffolk.

Rating out of 5: 5

Perfect for travelers, looking for a proper English pub

A good English pub can be hard to find, with the massive chain pubs and even harder to find a nice “local”.  Some locals you can find can be a little hard for travelers due to the fact they are not the most welcoming to new faces outside there town. Luckily this local is nothing like this, welcomes anyone from anywhere.

There are many over great things about the Henny Swan and why it gets a 5 out of 5! (from me)


Massive range of Beers and spirits. Stuff like Estella Damm, Becks, and even a warm cider for them cold winter nights!

Henny Swan, Great Henny mould Wine

Hot Cider

The price of the drinks is priced reasonably. It’s not the cheapest place in Sudbury but cheap doesn’t mean the best!


This is the thing that puts the Henny Swan on the map, Actually, It puts the whole of Great Henny on the map. If you mention Great Henny to someone they will mention the Henny Swan because of its wonderful food!

Henny Swan, Great Henny food festive wrap

Festive Wrap

The Henny Swan Has a pub one side, then the other “restaurant”. Which gives them a perfect excuse make 2 different menus! A bar menu for snacks (sandwiches, wraps, and sausage rolls). This is a perfect excuse to visit twice.

Henny Swan, Great Henny Menu

Snack Menu

The other side (the restaurant) Has its own menu and has a full set of meals. I would list a could off that menu to you, but its something you have to find out yourself.


The Pub promotes you talking over using your phone by having a board game readily available in around the pub.

Henny Swan, Great Henny Chess


Henny Swan, Great Henny connect 4

Connect 4

Strangely enough, having a beer by the fire on a winter’s night playing a game of Connect 4 can be rather a good evening!

Local area

If I haven’t mentioned it enough yet the area is the pub is in is beautiful countryside. Directly opposite is the river Stout, Which apparently to some of the regulars in the pub is amazing to look out to in the summer while sitting on the outside table having a drink or three.

 Great Henny

Great Henny

If you want to go for a walk after the Pub Grub then leave your car parked there for a bit then explore the local area as its scenic countryside that the rest of the world will be jealous of! Just don’t forget to pack a pair of wellies

The Staff

If you’re still not sure if the Henny Swan is the place for you. Then knowing the bar staff will be welcoming to no matter who or where your from should just tip you over the edge. They are more than happy for you to sit at the bar and have a chat!

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