Stress free cooking at a hostel

How to cook in a hostel – Stress free

How to cook in a hostel

If you have never been to a hostel or you been to 50, one thing you find extremely hard is cooking in a hostel. I’m here to give you all of my guidance, to making your life in a kitchen hostel as easy as possible.

Why should you trust me? Spent 2 years in and out of hostels as well as worked in hostels and to top it off I’m fat.

Hostels can feel impossible sometimes with the mess, the state of the utensils and lack of an oven. To save you from pain these are my 10 tips for cooking stress-free in a hostel

Kitchen in Hostels YHA Fremantle

Kitchen in Hostel YHA Fremantle

1. Cook at night (avoid busy times)

There is a reason why the kitchen is mad between 6pm-9pm because people are hungry and finished work. Apart from avoiding these times (if possible) you should not try and cook anytime shortly after the busy period due the kitchen being a shit hole The tips to cooking in a hostel is do it between 11 am- 4 pm .and 11 pm- 4 am Normally the hostel will be quite as everyone is at work or just out . This is the same for weekends too. The second best time to cook in a hostel is just after the night cleaner has been in ( bonus points if you can get yourself this job for free rent).

2. Keep an eye on the free food

Being a Backpacker free food is key! Normally it’s full of weird food or food flavorings or just strange leftovers but sometimes you get the things that you don’t want to buy for a single cook like oil and salt. But the best time is when someone leaves all their unused food because they have a flight. You can find meals that might last weeks. You never know when this will happen so keep an eye on the free food!

3. Get a lock locked bag

When I was traveling around Australia there was a hostel that made everyone buy a bag to use their refrigerator. At the time I thought this was cheeky but since that hostel, I have always used that bag because of the lock. This stopped other taking my stuff. If you want a bag like might you can get it on

4. Clean up after yourself

No one likes people that can’t clean up after themselves. Leaving the place in a mess and not washing and putting stuff away will give you a bad name. Not cleaning actually sets a bad example for everyone else. It might only be one dish the night before but with everyone copying the kitchen is usable by the next day. Bonus tip: if you check in to a hostel and the kitchen is a mess… Check out as soon possible good sign it’s a bad hostel

5. Keep as little as possible in the fridge

Thieving and stealing food go hand and hand with bad hostels. If you don’t have a locked bag or you don’t want to risk your whole bag being stolen. Then try not to leave much in the fridge or kitchen storage. You can always store food in your locker. Depending on space and hygiene. sweets and alcohol are a must for this.

6. Use the newest pans

Apart from hygienic reasons, cooking on the old stuff can seem like an impossible task. Because hostels don’t normally spend a lot of money on pans and the over and bad use of them. The pans will stick no matter how much oil you use!

7. Wash everything before using it

This is a must and this comes from working and seeing what others count as washed is crazy. Don’t get me wrong I am not a neat freak but having leftover food on pans or forks being put back straight after use… It’s a no-brainer to wash your stuff before use.

8. Plan ahead

Make sure plan your time of using the kitchen like I said early but also plan to cook less. By cooking more! Cook twice the amount and then you can have it again for tomorrow. As will as it saving you time, buying in bulk we also saving you money.

9. Cook quick, cook smart

Quick and easy meals are key at hostels. Ready meals and noodles might be good for one of two meals. Try to plan good hearty meals quickly. Head for stir-frys and pasta dishes. Also, use little amounts of pans as possible for little washing up and saving space if you’re in a small hostel kitchen.

10. F**k it off and get take out

Sometimes don’t bother trying to cook … Take out is probably your best bet.

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