Ham Hill – Yeovil’s Underrated Gem For Travelers

Ham Hill Somerset

Everything You Need To Know About Ham Hill

Do you want to see the beautiful sights of Somerset? Want to go to a place that others don’t seem to care about? Well lucky for you The Funny Backpacker has a covered again. I will tell you why you should spend some time at Ham Hill especially if you are in the Yeovil area.

When most think of Somerset, most think of muddy fields and loud music. Not lush green grass and beautiful sights to walk or relax in. This is what Ham Hill is all about.

Ham Hill is located just outside of Yeovil and is a local hotspot, Not too many Tourists visit this place due to not knowing about it. So I will share this secret place with you!

Ps if you found this article because you were looking for a Mountain of pork, Sorry keep looking.

Ham Hill Summerset

Basic Details:

Location: Stoke-sub-Hamdon

Directions via Bus:  From Yeovil take the 81 to Stoke sub Hamdon. From there make a nice 10-minute walk up rather a steep hill. Once there you will be rewarded with beautiful views and drink from the pub, if you buy one.

Directions via car: Google it, Really how lazy are you! Ok, you probably did and this website came up. So head to Stoke-Sub-Hamdon and follow the brown signs. Click this link for the location on Google.

Cost: Free, Free Car park

Toilets Available: Yes

A place for food and drinks: Yes

Picnic Tables: Yes

Dog allowed: Yes

What is there to do at Ham Hill?

To be fair, don’t go out your way, just to Ham Hill.

Ham Hill isn’t going to be the highlight of your trip but it will definitely make any trip better! So what is there to do at Ham Hill?

The Prince of Wales

Fancy trying some of Somersets famous Ciders? Well luckily for you The Prince Of Wales has a range of different locally sourced ciders for you to try.

I found The Prince of Wales very reasonably priced, even though they could wack the prices up because there is nowhere else anyone could get a drink.

Plus where else can you sit and enjoy a beer/cider with these views? Or maybe ice cream. There are plenty of flavors.

Beer with a View Prince Of Wales Somerset, Ham Hill

If you have a dog, this place is perfect for you due to the fact, its the only place I have seen dog snacks everywhere!

dog treats, Ham Hill
dog treats, Ham Hill

Go For A Walks

Walk at Ham Hill

This is the perfect place to go for that walk that you have been talking about, lose that weight you have put on while you’re on your travels.

There is a Perfect walking route that I found online: Ham Hill Walking route. Brillant for Humans and dogs.

For that extra workout, carry someone around!

Ham Hill
Yes, that hunky man who is able to give his own dad a piggyback is me.

Just enjoy the View

If this all sounds too much, just enjoy the view. It’s right next to the car park, so you don’t even have to walk far at all! You could even bring your own picnic with you.

Ham Hill views

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