Halloween in Australia

Why Halloween Sucks In Australia

Halloween Sucks In Australia

Well, you might be on the fence If Halloween is just for kids, shouldn’t be a thing or Hell yeah Halloween is awesome. So the statement Halloween sucks in Australia might bring you joy! But I love Halloween, A time to dress up and be a parody for a whole night!

If you don’t know who I am, I’m the Funny Backpacker I love to dress up as other traveler and other weird stuff! like this;

Funny Travel Meme

So Halloween is one of my favorite days of the year.


The difference between Australian Halloween Vs English Halloween

Well skipping over the kids knocking on the door.

Let’s talk about the real Halloween the getting drunk in slutty costumes ( yes this includes me). It’s one of the best parties you can have all year, Its funny to see everyone is more relaxed in costume, Acting out an alter ego.

Let’s talk about Halloween in England

Halloween in England (The aforementioned Halloween) normally rolls over 2 weekends (if the Halloween falls midweek). Meaning you could potentially have 5 Halloween parties (both Friday’s, both Saturday’s and the midweek day Halloween falls on). This is pretty awesome, not for your liver or money but awesome nonetheless. If you go out on this weekend its full people in outfits and outnumbers the people without!

The pubs and clubs and bars and every place that can cash in on this Halloween theme will. This makes a brilliant atmosphere and everyone wants to be a part of it!


Now let’s talk about Halloween in Australia

What Halloween? Ok, this might be a bit of underselling there are places that take on the Halloween but it’s not really got out that childish stage. But the most of Australia doesn’t really get Halloween, I guess it’s because they get enough door knockers all year round ( see my blog on why door knocking jobs suck). A lot of Australians still believe that Halloween is an Americain holiday and something they don’t want!

Saying this I will be trying to head out this on Halloween weekend to a bar as seeing if they can live up to the Halloween theme at all! ( I doubt it).

On Halloween night, I will be hosting the Halloween theme at the YHA Fremantle Prison  Bring a bit of English Halloween to Australia.

I even made a little trailer for this!

Hopefully, soon I can compare American Halloween vs English Halloween

but until then…

Thanks for reading

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