Guinness book of records Attempt

Guinness book of records-Every country in the world in the fastest time!

Guinness book of records Attempt:

Every country in the world in the fastest time!

You must be a nutter” Says everyone who will hear of my Guinness book of records attempt of the: Fastest time to visit all sovereign countries. “How on the earth do you plan to do such a big task, you have no money!”

This is completely true, I am a nutter and I don’t have any money. 6 months ago I was scared that I wasn’t going to have enough money to come home from Australia. maxed out with credit cards, loans, an overdraft. This is from a “simple” working holiday visa in Australia, how work would I ever complete 195 more countries?

The answer to this question is, I’m not sure yet. This should have been something I thought about before getting my application approved by the Guinness Book Of Records.


Me Travelling in Australia

The plan is to plan

The 1st thing I need to tell you is when I plan on doing this challenge but 1st need to tell you the art of my Birthday.

How my birthday comes into my life plan

How many of you have got a bucket list based on age? Let’s say stuff like By the time I reach 29 I want to own my own house. This sort of thing!

Well, I have too; But I’m very last minute with my plans.

By the age of 24 I want to have my visa sort for a working holiday around Australia, After a loan from my bank online at 2 pm 27th November 2016, (Which is my Birthday) by 7 pm, I had my visa sorted.

By the age 25, I wanted to know what I was doing with my life. on 27th November I had my 1st book underway and the Idea that has turned into FSG Travels. (I Fell short with the engagement by a couple of weeks)

By the age 26: I’m days away from when writing this, I want things in place to achieve my End Goal.  With the news of getting approved for fastest time to visit all sovereign countries, Some killer blog posts (6000-word guide on everything you need to know for a working holiday in Australia scheduled for 26 birthday) I’m pretty confident I’m on the right track.

By the age 27, I want to be known. I want to be able to make a difference to some part of the world or peoples lives.  (I want this to grow each year).

By the age 28, I want to be Married. I have to be married before attempting this record otherwise I won’t be allowed to go.

By the age 29, I want to start to try and break a world record. Which is scheduled to start on the 27th November 2021.

By the age 30, I want to be able to retire (by choice) Have something to teach others (a have a kid or a prodigy), be financially stable for the rest of my life and be able to do everything I want … Not what I have too.

What do I need to do before I even get started on this epic task?

How much money would I need?

Apparently, it took $110,000 USD to complete this task for the current female world record holder: Cassandra De Pecol.

If mine costs roughly the same (probably not due to inflation) and I want to do It using the money made by FSG Travels. At the current pace of 50 cents (AUD) Every 2 months. I would be looking at 50,925 years to have enough money saved. Due to the fact I only have 3 years to save up for this massive task… I don’t at my current rate of income will cut it, Plus I might be dead.

So I need to plan how to save or cut $110,000 down this is problem number 1. 

The route to take?

Point to a map and ask me what county you are pointing at I will call up my little brother, Where He will tell the country, their best football player and the name of the football stadium and the price of the pies.

Me on the other hand, If it’s not in Europe I’m not very good. So planning a route might be a little difficult. I need to research public transport too as I’m not allowed just to take a car and road trip it.

Problem number 2 I need to plan a route

How to get access to some countries?

Visa and flight complications seem to be the biggest problem for most of the guys who attempt this challenge.

There will be countries nearly accessible to most and I need to get into them. North Korea springs to mind but this will be nothing compared to little islands

Problem number 3 I need to work out visa’s

How do I stop Taylor from killing me?

So I’m planning to travel the whole world in under a year… Still that’s one whole year Without seeing Taylor… Is she allowed to fly out and meet me? Will she kill me before I fly off, I a romantic “If I can’t have you No other countries can“moment?

I need to look into these things but we want to get married in the next year or so… Do you know how much weddings cost? I don’t I’m actually asking that question we haven’t even planned it yet. So as well as the cost of the $110,000 for the world trip, I need to fund a wedding too. (And Plan It)

Problem number 4, Taylor

The million other questions

There are so many other question and problems that need sorting too;

  • What to pack
  • Where to sleep
  • How long to spend in each country
  • The cheapest and quickest way to travel
  • Where get my post sent too, while I travel
  • How to get over massives amount of jet lag
  • How to energy to keep going
  • Can I get sponsors
  • What injections I need

These questions and a lot more will be answered as learn more. I plan to share all these answers with you to help you with your own travel challenges. I plan to update you more on my attempt to go to every country in the world in the fastest time.

The important question: Why do I want to attempt to break the record: every country in the world in the fastest time?

Very simply to get people to travel more.

Sorry, it’s not something a little more charity based. But I want to be real, And something I care about.

What happens when people travel more!

Great things happen when people travel. Travel can cause someone to start caring and more about things in the world, instead of just going through the motions of there day to day life. Each person’s reason will be different depending on what they see and their experience.

Travel brings out people’s reason. When people have reasons they change the world! So getting more people thinking about the world we live in seems to be the most logical way of changing the world. Might seem crazy but having this reason might just change the world one person at the time!

This trip might just change the world!

Instead of traveling for one cause, I’m traveling the world for all the causes!

Thanks for reading

If you have any advice for me then please let me know in the comment section and if you want to support me in my challenge please share this article or any of my others with any many people as possible!

Any support would be great!


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