Taylor’s thoughts on the house in Gingin

Our house in Gingin

We had an interesting month in the house in Gingin. It was the worse month in Australia, I wouldn’t avoid going to Gingin just everything we did in Gingin.



Why we moved there

Once we had completed our 88 days farm work in Albany we set off on our next adventure.  Well. I wish it was an adventure; we just got work on another farm. We drove up to Gingin for the interview, got the jobs and then stayed overnight in a B’n’B style place. It was set in a nature reserve and was crawling with Kangaroos. It also featured a walk about the area where you could see Koalas up close.  We had our induction at work the next day and then spent the afternoon in McDonald’s looking for more permanent accommodation!

Why the house wasn’t so great…

So once we viewed the house we could tell it hadn’t been lived in for a while. It also wasn’t big enough for 5 people (we were sharing with friends we had made at the farm in Albany). We did need somewhere to stay for that night at least though so we agreed to take it. The only upside to the house was that it was situated really close to the farm where we had just been hired. Other than that there was nothing going for it. We all cleaned it up once we got in but we soon discovered we were sharing the house with cockroaches, gross millipede-looking creatures and mice…The washing machine also started working incorrectly after a week or two!

The landlord was an elderly guy who was clearly very keen to have us to stay in the house. Every time he was about there were serious dollar signs in his eyes. Whenever we complained about something breaking (like a said washing machine or at one point the shower!) he did his best to fix it the same day. That didn’t change the fact the house was a crap-hole, however.

Crap house, crap job!

I would say at least a month passed before we had had enough. Whenever it rained more and more insects would appear and despite our best efforts, we could not get rid. We regularly caught mice in the traps and each afternoon when we got home from work the counters were covered in ants!

The job was such a joke too that we decided it was in our best interest to look for jobs in Perth and leave. We let the owner know we were leaving, hastily quit our job, packed up our stuff and departed for Perth the following day!

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