Gingin Western Australia – Is It Worth Visiting?

Gingin, Western Australia

There aren’t many reasons you would even be thinking of visiting Gingin as it is the middle of nowhere and it has much bigger names either side, Joondalup (for its shopping center) and Lancelin (for its sand dunes)

But for you guys that are thinking of visiting the town of Gingin, here is everything you need to know.


What is there to do in Gingin?

Where there is nothing, there is always something. What I mean by that statement was the fact there are lots of open places which makes it a perfect place for all the things I list below.


The fact you can be in a place in the world with near to no light pollution really helps the fact you can see more stars.

If you are not a fan of stargazing or not it can be really nice to go out at night and just look up and be amazed at how different the sky looks at night outside a town or city.

But if you are a fan of Stargazing there is an Observatory Centre just outside Yanchep.


There are many different campsites in and around Gingin as this is a great place to stop if you are traveling north or from the North.

The campsites range from free to paid.

They are very easy to find once you have made it to Gingin as there is a free campsite just off the main road heading from Lancelin to Joondalup and many paid with powered sites when heading to the main town of Gingin

The great local atmosphere in shops and cafes

It might be a bit of a journey to the nearest Mcdondals or Woolworths as these are in Yanchep. But the local town of Gingin has a little IGAs and some good cafes.

The Cafe I visited in Gingin had a sign that stated: “Sorry we do not have Wifi, you will have to talk to each other”. Yes, it was annoying as I lived on Wifi but the fact we were able to have breakfast without our phones was nice.

All the shop keepers and Cafe workers are all friendly and have a very welcoming to there town.

Brilliant scenic views

It’s not often that you can see for miles and see nothing. It is something, just nothing like you are used to living in Perth or another major city.

The landscape around really makes you love the Australian countryside. If you get up early enough, you will see the odd kangaroo.


The beaches and coastline are amazing.  Two rocks all the way to Lancelin is magical and you can’t help but enjoy yourself on a summers day.

But my favorite beach around the Gingin area and is a must-visit would be the one in Guilderton. The coastline in Guilderton is amazing because it where the river meets the sea, but it looks amazing when the tide is out.

( I would post a picture… But you need to see it for yourself)

Lots of fields ( Farm work)

There is a lot of farms around the Gingin and its Surrounding areas. There is one I would avoid, more on that at the end of article.

But before rushing out there like I did make sure you really add up your options as farm work is hard and sometimes not worth it

Yanchep national park

Want to side Kangaroos in the wild? there is no better place. This place is fantastic, great pub, hotel, Campsite, and great walks. I highly recommend this place if you are going planning on going past, it worth the stop.

Location Address: Yanchep Beach Rd &, Indian Ocean Dr, Yanchep WA 6035, Australia

My overall opinion

All the wonderful things I have just mentioned about Gingin would I suggest you visiting or staying in Gingin? Well, it’s worth maybe one day if your not on a tight schedule and you are already planning on passing by. Yes, it has all the things mentioned above but visiting these could be done in a day or two.

I wouldn’t advise staying there more than 2-3 days as you would get bored and would be traveling to and from Joondalup just for food, shops, and life.

Good luck if you are traveling Australia

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