Cheapest and Easiest Way To/From Stansted Airport

Best way of getting to/ from Stansted airport

Cheapest and Easiest Way To/From Stansted Airport

We all know how bad public transport can be. If you are yet to arrive in England, Then the cost of public transport is still going to shock you. For everyone else, The unreliability of public transport might be your biggest fear. Luckily for you, the Funny Backpacker is here again to save the day from bad travel decisions and to help you decide which is the best way to travel to or from Stansted airport (London).

I will give you a run down, on Taxis, Stansted Express, Uber, National Express and Driving. I will give you the costs, time issues (if any) and the ease of access just after that I will give my recommendation to different traveler types, as well as where to book.

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As I said in the introduction, Public transport in England is expensive, This is a fact. What can you do about this? Apart from walking everywhere, you are going to suck it up somewhere. Even for a short Journey for myself, this was the cheapest option I could find, for the times I wanted to travel.

All these prices are from Braintree to Stansted. (These are for a rough estimate, make sure you check before you travel)

Uber: £30-40 each Way

Taxi: Around £40-50 each way.

National Express:  £14 each way (plus a £1 booking fee).

Stansted Express  (from London to Stansted around same miles): £15 single

Driving: parking was around £49, then add fuel.


The second issue I found with the service was the time. Due to the fact, You can’t make a public service run on time let alone when you want.

For example, you might have to arrive a lot earlier than planned for the airport due to the fact the next bus might be cutting it too close. When flying home, you hoped your plane isn’t delayed as you would miss your bus.

To avoid this, Private transport is your only option.

But saying this here is how often the services run

Uber: When there is service in your area… If your planning Uber, Taxi is a good back up (especially out of hour times)

Taxi: Book ahead, but should arrive when you need it

National Express: All hours of the night, roughly every hour

Stansted Express: “Stansted Express trains run every 15 minutes through the day, and every 30 minutes in the early morning and late evening.”

Driving: It’s your car! Go whenever, Watch out for rush hour.

Ease of access

This is one of the main things you should look at when planning your trip to the airport. Who wants to be stressed out just getting to the airport to save a pound?

Uber: Is one of the easiest ways of getting to the airport stress-free… If there are any Ubers about. Its jump in and go. payment is automatic and the driver 9/10 times will help you with your bags just to get that 5-star rating

Taxi: This service should be quite straight forward too. Just ring up and book.

National Express: The location of the Coach/Bus Stop Could be an issue and carrying heavy luggage from one side of your town to the other could be a near to impossible task and would require a taxi. This would make the costs skyrocket. You might as well just take the Taxi all the way to the Airport.

Stansted Express: Very simple service for traveling into London. Would recommend this for London travel. Dor those outside London depending on how close you are to train lines for people it might be changing train lines, that can be stressful.

Driving: Outside London, can be stress inside London to Stansted, I wouldn’t bother

Type of travel for types of travelers

Solo: National Express or Stansted Express depending on inside or outside of London (National express= Outside) (Stansted  Express = Inside)

Couple: Uber or National Express or Stansted Express (depending on location to bus/ train stations)

Family (young kids): Driving/ Taxi

Luxury/Bussiness: Taxi

Group of friends (on a Budget): Uber/ Driving

Where to book?

Uber: look at the app store

Taxi: Google: Taxi Near me

National Express:

Stansted Express:


Thanks for reading

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