Adult German Puns – Are These Puns Bratwurst Your Time?

German Puns

Adult German Puns

These German puns are starting nice and friendly but don’t let this put you off! If you are after some filthy puns don’t worry. If you want nice and happy puns then stay at the top of the page. The further down the more “Adult” they get! As the Funny Backpacker, I love great puns especially travel puns and I have many different pun articles that you can find at the bottom of the page.

Light German Puns

  • Do you like my new Cologne?
  • Fancy a Hamburg(er)?
  • When In Germany use your common cents
  • I love German nursery Rhines
  • I’m into committed Relationships, You could say I’m love locked (bridge)
  • The weather might be cold, But I’m Berlin hot
  • Puns about German food are the wrust

Medium German Puns

  • Met this guy, he was a total Deutschbag
  • Sorry to be Frankfurt, you’re a right bitch
  • She loves the sausage but dislikes frankfurters
  • I love Bratwurst in Curry sauce But my wife likes sausage in cider
  • My ComMunich Skills are Scheisse

Extreme German Puns

  • But do you want to see my Fort-sir?
  • How many times do you want anal sex tonight? Nein! I’ll probably only make 7
  • My trip to Germany gave me lots of dirty Fotze
  • Hygiene is important you don’t want to catch any Ger-mans

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