Galway Ireland

Lots Of History In Galway, Ireland – Things To See

Galway Ireland

This Article is all about the history of the Cultral Capital of Europe. When heading to Galway I highly recommend a Guided Tour, They most likely will point out everything in the article and more. But Unlike the Tour Company, I am not local and I can only tell you things what I was told when I was traveling and things I have since researched for this article.

But for you guys that don’t like walking tours, I will give you as much information about the town of Galway before giving you a link to others websites for more information on the topic if you are interested in knowing more.

Before I undersell myself anymore I better carry on with the amazing article that you have come here to read.

The Tribes of Galway Flags on Eyre Square

Galway Tribes

Some of the poles are empty due to the fact they only put up the flags for the spring to autumn period and they were putting the flags up on the day I took the Photo

Two things to mention straight off the mark, One being the Tribes of Galway the other being Eyres Square.

The Tribes of Galway

Very Game of Thrones, 14 families in one area.

Athy, Blake, Bodkin, Browne, D’Arcy, Deane, Font, Ffrench, Joyce, Kirwan, Lynch, Martin, Morris and Skerritt

I was told that Blake Would never be in pole position on the 14 poles (pictured above) due to the fact he was a traitor during the siege (1651-1652) and he surrendered to the English, This, in turn, got him beheaded. I really struggled to find more evidence of this online so this might be a good thing to ask if you’re into your history of Ireland.

*If you find out more information about this please let me know in the comments

The tribes are really interesting to know about to understand Galway’s history. If you want to know a little bit more about the different families check out This article I found online

Eyres Square

This place is also known as the John F. Kennedy Memorial park who visited the park shortly before his death. The People of Galway, call the park Eyeres Square after Mayor Edward Eyre opened the park in 1710. The rumor has it that they never committed to the name change of John F Kennedy because he was unable to drink 8 pints in the and during his 30-minute stay of Galway.

Lynch, Judge, Jury, and Executor House


Lynch’s House, One of the Tribes of Galway

Legend has it that, James Lynch was a very well known around town. being one of the Tribes of Galway. He was in a very high position (Mayor) and everyone was scared of James Lynch power. His Son Steven Lynch was courting a woman who cheated on him, So in revenge, he killed the man.

The problem with this issue was the fact everyone in town knew, that Steven was now going to receive the death penalty but …

Judges refused to Judge, out of fear

James Lynch was the Judge to his own son’s murder trial

He was found, Guity

They couldn’t get a jury

James Lynch was the Jury to his own son’s Murder trial

He was sentenced to death

Executor refused to do his job 

James Lynch hung his own son out of the window (The house above)

He was the Judge, Jury, and Executor to his own son, His son got Lynched

Statute From Estonia



Oscar Wilde (Irish) and Eduard Vilde (Estonia)

Both famous writers, Both Related. This was a gift from Estonia given to Ireland and placed in the cultural capital of Ireland, Galway.

Want to know more about the famous Irish writer, Oscar Wilde check out this Article. BBC Oscar Wilde History

Touristy Shops



Standard Tourist Shop

There are many Tourist shops in and around Galway. To be fair they are nearly the same all over Dublin just with different writing of places on each shirt, but saying this there is only one Galway.

King’s Head: Tale of The man who took of the kings head

King's Head Galway

The only “Offical” King’s Head

Gunning and Dean of Galway, that killed Charles The 1st, Claimed that house after beheading the King of England. The story has it that they were able to choose any house they wanted and they would kick out the owners and they could have it. So they chose this house (pictured above) then after they died and the house was turned into a pub they decided to call it the King’s Head.

Want to know more King’s Head Story

Richard Martin (Irish politician) AKA Humanity Dick.

Humanity Dick RSPCA

The Rabbit is looking for people mistreating animals

The guy that put in motion the Act to stop mistreating Animals and helped form what known now as the RSPCA

More about Humanity Dick

The home of the Claddagh Ring

Galway Town

Home of The Claddagh Ring, Or maybe it isn’t

Many different stories have come about how the Claddagh Ring came about but here is the one that I heard;

A foreign princess comes to visit, Man falls in love makes a ring, sails off to find her with the ring and never heard from again… The End.

Any way the Claddagh ring is famous to Galway, It is bad luck to buy one for yourself and be careful which way round you wear it.

Spanish Arch

Spanish Arc Galway

Old but keep maintained

During the siege, this was one of the defense against the English breaking through. Before that, it was home to the fish markets. Built-in 16th Century It is a great bit of history to visit while in Galway.

The River Corrib

One of the Fastest running Rivers in Ireland

The House where Ed Sheran did the video for Galway Gal was filmed is located directly in the opposite direction, the house sticking out. But that is something you are going to have to find for yourselves.

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I hope you enjoy your time In Galway and If you would like me to add to this, Or maybe I got the history wrong, then leave me a comment and I will update it!

If you haven’t left for Ireland yet and not sure what to pack then check out Everything You Need To Pack For Short Trip In Europe

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