Funny Travel Quotes

Funny Travel Quotes For Any Backpacker Or Travellers

My Funny Travel Quotes

Random quotes

  • Before I ever met a backpacker I Thought you were all murderers, Funny before I came backpacking I thought you murdered all backpackers
  • When you meet someone speaks a different language the 1st thing you do is teach each other to swear.
  • I love learning new languages, Fick dich!
  • How to quit a shit job 1. Tell them you quit 2. Leave
  • Hate the 9-5? – Backpacks to Beer Taps You can thank me later
  • Ever fantasied about traveling? Now imagine yourself working at your job for another 40 years You booked your flights yet?
  • Do you look at your boss and think ”I want to be like you?” If not, you’re at the wrong job.
  • Je ficken amore ryokō
  • Waking up poor on a beach is better than dying in an office
  • Was going to think of something smart! But Fuck You!
  • I’d rather eat instant noodles every day in a different city than eat the same meal in the same house for 40 years
  • Where are you from? When did you arrive? Where have you been? Where are you going? (How to talk to other backpackers)
  • Fake Me: Mum guess what I’m planning to stay in my job for next 40 years Mum: Well done, so proud  Real  me: I’m going traveling to see the world Mum: are you insane

Things That Never Happen

  • You love having to do 88 days on a farm
  • When you go to the country and the locals appreciate tourists
  • Having the money to be on the road all the time
  • You prefer goon other wine
  • Enjoy noodles for the 4th day in a row
  • Having a place to charge your phone
  • You go home and don’t want to travel again
  • All friends commit to traveling with you
  • You can Afford to eat out
  • It’s always great weather
  • You prefer Ramon over Steak
  • Having morning coffees
  • You get a 10-bed hostel to your self
  • Family respecting your thoughts of traveling
  • You get a free upgrade on the plane
  • Not missing family
  • You have money left over after a trip


Backpacking Tips

  • Take the bottom bunk
  • Backpacking tip: sleep in your car… Save money
  • A 12 man room in a good hostel is better than a 4 man room in a shit one
  • If you haven’t looked at flights home this month … You’re not going hard enough.
  • You don’t need money to travel … But having money makes it a lot easier
  • Travel the world … Not the Internet
  • Give up your job … Not your dreams
  • Never say no to free food
  • It’s easier to find somewhere to sleep than it is to find a job
  • Travel doesn’t have to end at home
  • Travel doesn’t have to be in another country
  • If you’re in a shared en-suite room, run the shower whilst having a shit
  • Pack light
  • If you want to travel, have money and have something to go home … You can’t sleep
  • It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey

Funny travel Quotes

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