How To Take Funny Travel Photos Like A Instagram Model

How to make insta Famous Travel Photos

Be The Next Instagram Famous Travel Model

Do you have what it takes to become the next bigshot Instagram travel model? Maybe you just want some funny photos to show friends and family when arriving back home? Either way, you have found yourself in the hands of one of the funniest guys in the whole travel industry (Scrap that, The funniest and most modest)

I have had multiple viral travel photos, I want to share the technique, so you too can make awesome photos. (I’m nice like that, Bitch)

If you start getting bored in this article… just skip through and look at the photos. (They get funnier)

How funny do you want to make your photos?

The funniest things come from people being able to make a joke out of themselves. Depending on how easily embarrassed you get, depends on the level of comedy you can make. I will start it low, giving you examples along the way, bringing you the way to the peak of humor. By the end of this article, you will have the knowledge to become the second funniest person in travel.

Playing it easy (Pose like everyone else)

If this is all you can pull off, Don’t expect to set the world alight. Your humor might get a couple of likes on facebook but there quick and easy to make.

Pull a stupid face

Funny Travel Photo - Stupid face
Pennine Way Edale Peak District

Doesn’t matter where you are, you can strike a pose. Might be a killer tourist point or just hiking in the middle of nowhere. Something you would do when you’re 6 years old.

Point out shit

Funny Travel Photo - pointing
Funny Travel Photo - Pointing

Don’t know how to pose for a photo, just point. Easy modeling.

Hold the heavy stuff

Funny Travel Photo - Rock holding
Funny Travel Photo - Rock holding

Always funny, this works best the smaller and weaker you look.

Warming up to becoming funny (Playing on your own weakness)

Don’t let others laugh at you without good cause. Make sure you give them a good reason.

Take the piss out of yourself as a traveler

Bali Backpacker (Funny Backpacker)

Captions are key

“Sean, 26.
Spends a week in Bali to “find” himself.
Enjoys spiritual-quotes, smashed avo and touching his man bun.”

Body confidence

Travel Instagram: Body

Sean 27

Ate too much when traveling, Now at home regretting his life choices

Too funny, too handle

This is the stuff that gave me the name the Funny Backpacker. If you are still reading I’m glad you made it through the boring photos.

 Being way too comfortable with your body.

Funny Travel Photo

Sometimes a slight nip slip can get you a long way! Great bodies sell, Not so great bodies are funny.

Make yourself into a meme

Funny Travel Photos : Meme
Funny Travel Photos : Meme
Funny Travel Photos : Meme

So much fun making these photo, So many weird looks.

Make yourself into a meme, perfect for others to share.

Take a photo, explaining something everyone else is thinking

Funny Travel Photo

I did a photoshoot with DC Photography called “Everyone else is getting pregnant, and I’m traveling like…” There were so many amazing shots.

Think about what people are talking about and capture it.

Too weird for words

Funny Travel Photo : weird

Sure to get attention is right out weird stuff too. This is one of the weirdest photos I’ve made. Both people in the picture is me.

Try to get full mad on it, see where it ends up.

How to get your photos seen

You have made some really funny travel photos, Where can you share these photos? How can you shame yourself, just like me?

If you give it a push at the start, it might just take off.

Well these are the best routes

  • Facebook Groups (Don’t spam them though.)
  • Post on all social media. not just Facebook and Instagram. try Reddit, Pinterest, and twitter…
  • Message me. If it’s funny enough I’ll share it. HELL, I might even share it on this very article.
  • Try other bloggers
  • Print it out and wear it like a sandwich board
  • Send it to your Nan on a postcard

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