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Funny Travel Meme To Keep You laughing

I love to make the odd travel meme or two. Well, that’s a bit of a lie I have a whole Instagram based on these funny travel memes and they are really worth your time. On my mission to be the biggest name in travel, I have turned to desperate measures once or twice. These photos take hours to plan, make and post. In this Article I will be showing you my favorite memes that I have made as well as how I make them and What Taylor (my Fiancee) Thinks of me, dressing up as a woman.

My Top 10 memes.

Before I go into detail, I know some of you just what to see some funny photos, If that’s the case, Just visit our Instagram  Our Instagram (@fsgtravels)

For the rest of you Here is my top 10 travel Parodies and the struggles of making them.

10. My 1st Parody

Funny Travel meme Parody girl posing on rock white t-shirt

The 1st ever Travel meme I made. The picture was taken on a beach just outside of Gingin, It was the most embarrassing thing I have ever done that the time. Creating this Parody was a lot of hard work and planning. Since then the Parodies have been easier to make.

9.Not So Hot

Funny Travel meme Parody copying guy posing on beach

This photo was taken on South Beach Fremantle, during heavy rain. I asked to parody this photo due to the fact I want to show how different a simple photo can look.

8. Small Towel

Funny Travel meme Parody Girl with towel

I really struggled to recreate this one, due to the fact I didn’t have a big towel … but I think it makes it Better. The best thing about this parody was the fact it was the first parody I made before someone asked me to parody them.

7.small umbrella

Funny Travel meme Parody umbrella

I dislike Umbrellas at the best of times. This umbrella was due for the for the bin… so one last picture was good.

6. Jumping

Funny Travel Meme Parody Jumping

Just imagine seeing someone getting changed in a bikini then jumping up and down. Luckily one take is all I needed.

5.Hand Stand

Funny Travel Meme Parody Handstand

I really Did try and handstand … This was the best I could do! The physical strength of some is amazing.

4. The Rock

Funny Travel Meme Parody Rock posing

This one was slightly reviling as specially as someone spotted me on the beach posing for this.

3. Sitting on The Rock

Funny Travel Meme Parody sitting on a rock

I think this could be the closest parody yet… Even someone did point out I was missing the glasses.

2. Blue Tick

Travel Backpacking Parody Wander red Meme

This was the First Parody I made with someone with a blue tick.


1. Something is a little fruity

Funny Travel Meme Parody Fruity

I saw this photo on Instagram and I was so happy when they agreed to let me parody this picture. The balancing of the fruit was a little hard.

Travel parodies Struggles

I love making travel parodies. But its extremely different keeping up with getting the outfits, making the Parodies and finding new people who want to be parodied. sometimes my work is known as Backpacking memes, Travel Parodies or just parodies. It can be extremely hard to keep up with posting daily on Instagram, so I normally make them in batches.

I do sometimes take long periods from making these parodies due to the fact of how time-consuming they can be to make.

Finding the outfit

When I try and find the outfits for these, I normally check charity shops, So as well as being funny, they are good for the world. I do it to keep costs down as well as giving them a new lease of life and 9/10 they will end up back at the same charity shop a few months later.

making parodies outfits

Sometimes it can take a little more effort than just buying it , These don’t normally return to charity shops

Finding people to collaborations

This is one of the hardest thing todos, It takes time emailing and messaging others. It can take hours to get the correct permissions and I love when others ask for me to parody them, It’s a harder challenge but it saves me time emailing and messaging people.

Are you wanting to be parodied?

Have you got good travel photos that you want to share with the world?

Can you take a joke?

Do you give me permission to parody you?

Drop a comment of your Instagram page and I’ll try and parody one of your photo’s or message me on Instagram @fsgtravels

I have made a video on the first travel meme was made

It took off on Facebook reaching over 100,000 people which I was so shocked about!

But strangely enough, I took me over 2 months to make a second photo to this travel Parody. Now each of the photos reaches around 1k – 100k reach.

Taylor’s Time to share her thoughts

I can’t remember where Sean got the idea from to start making parody photos, but I’m glad that he did!

He’s often out the house on some sort of adventure. When I message him to ask what he’s up to, he usually replies that he’s in a charity shop searching for props for his next parody.

He spends hours on all of his content, and for the parody photos that involves a lot of time trawling the internet for parody material. Followed by getting the relevant permissions!

The most recent set of pictures are my favorite so far…

Making them involved trawling through Charity shops for the right, feminine outfit and a few days later we headed down to the beach.

When we left the house there was lovely the time we got to the beach the sky was black and we were assaulted with a downpour of rain and strong winds. I was laughing so hard watching Sean freezing his bits off and trying to pose despite the weather.

We snapped a total of seven parody pictures, quicker than it usually takes us to style just one!

Travel parody Meme

I don’t think it will be long before these pictures get more and more popular. You honestly just look at the pictures Sean posts and think… “What a lunatic!”

But it’s okay. It’s good crazy stuff. Looking forward to him releasing the pictures over the next few weeks!

Travel Parody Video

Since writing this blog Sean has taken his Travel parodies to the next level, Here is that video…

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