10 top travel memes

Funny Travel Memes


That is all, Funny Travel Memes are my game and i’m winning!

My Top 10 memes

So I make Parody memes for  Our Instagram (@fsgtravels)

10. My 1st Parody

Funny Travel meme Parody girl posing on rock white t-shirt

The 1st ever Travel meme I made. Picture was taken on a beach just outside of Gingin, It was the most embarrassing thing I have ever done that the time.Creating this Parody was a lot of hard work and planning. Since then the Parodies have been easier to make.

9.Not So Hot

Funny Travel meme Parody copying guy posing on beach

This photo was taken on South Beach Fremantle, during heavy rain. I asked to parody this photo due to the fact unlike to original i don’t.

8. Small Towel

Funny Travel meme Parody Girl with towel

I really struggled to recreate this one, due the fact I didn’t have a big towel … but I think it makes it Better

7.small umbrella

Funny Travel meme Parody umbrella

I dislike Umbrellas at the best of times. This umbrella was due for the for the bin… so one last picture was good.

6. Jumping

Funny Travel Meme Parody Jumping

One take is all you need, jump for the photo!

5.Hand Stand

Funny Travel Meme Parody Handstand

I really Did try and handstand … This was best i could do!

4. The Rock

Funny Travel Meme Parody Rock posing

This one was slightly reviling as specially as someone spotted me on the beach posing for this.

3. Sitting on The Rock

Funny Travel Meme Parody sitting on a rock

I think this could be the closest parody yet… Even someone did point out i was missing the glasses.

2. Might pose

Funny Travel Meme Parody pose king

You have to admit, my posing is king. DO i make you horny?

1. something is a little fruity

Funny Travel Meme Parody Fruity

I saw this photo on Instagram and I was so happy when they agreed to letting me parody this picture. The balancing of the fruit was a little hard.

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