Funny Travel blogs

Funny Travel Blogs By The Funny Backpacker Himself

Why I write funny travel blogs

Do Funny and Travel Blogging go together? I hope so because of that is kinda my niche.

I’m pretty dam good at it too if I say so myself! I love to show the funny side of backpacking and traveling because many people in the travel industry take it too seriously. Surely for something that is a vacation from life, it should be fun? But when people try and make a living from it they forget this!

Not me! Here we love to make travel fun!

The Funny Travel Blogs

These blog range from weird to funny to just dam filthy! So be careful what you chose… I would read them all if I was you. As they are awesome!

Punny blogs

All the different travel pun related blogs!

Sydney Puns

Adult Sydney Puns – HAHAbour bridge Travel Puns For Instagram

Puns out suns out

Adult Sydney Puns

England puns

Adult England Puns – Es-sexxy Travel Puns For Instagram

After Destroying Australia with my puns its time to take it home!

Adult England Puns


Perth puns

Adult Perth Puns- Perth-anity Travel Puns For Instagram

I think I might have to Change my Name to the Punny Backpacker!

Perth Puns

Travel And Backpacking Puns

Adult Backpacker And Travelling Puns – The all-flight Puns for Instagram

Just like all the Puns Before it and After it… I start nice! THEN BOOM you don’t how travel got so dirty

Adult travel puns

Australian Puns

These are some stupid dad style jokes, which start nice. End with you wanting to burn your eyes out

Australia Puns

Beach puns

These jokes are the same as the Australian puns with the levels of extreme banter! So Just a warning.

Me dealing with idiots

Yes I have a whole subcategory for this

Spam comments on Insta

Time to sort out Instagram… The spammers are going down!

How I deal With Spammers

I can’t be arsed to subcategory all my blogs just yet.

How to be a stereotypical douchebag

10 Amazing Tips On How To Be A Stereotypical Douchebag Traveller


Drop bears are they real?

Drop Bears Are they Real? Why Would They Fake It?

Drop Bears

Crazy Aussie Videos

Crazy Dog Man to reasons why you shouldn’t travel to Australia. These videos are my 5 favorite funny Australian videos.

Australian Funniest videos

Travel Quotes

These are some great travel quotes, most of these are thought of by myself… So I guess they are not quite quotes.

Funny travel quotes

Parody Blogs

The blogs where I am just taking the p**s all the way through them. Because why the hell not!

Desert Island

In this blog I talk about my life in Australia as if it was a small island I was washed up on.

Desert island parody


What funny blogs do you want to read?

Well as you guys are not as funny and original as me, I doubt you could think of anything but. You never know one of you might have something you want me to write. Then leave it in the comment section. #freecontent

Thanks for reading!

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