Half Naked Backpacker Report

Half Naked Dancing In Public – Has The Funny Backpacker Gone To Far?

Travel blogger dances half-naked in public report

Breaking news! The Funny Backpacker has Stuck again, This time in the heart of Fremantle! But the Question that is on everyone’s mind right now is

Has the Funny Backpacker taken things to far his latest video?“Have a look at this video and let us know in the comments.

Young children and anyone with a nervous disposition must turn away now!

The video footage

In the video above you will see a video of a man in his mid-twenties trying to grab fame. like so many others in this day and age.

The video starts with the man giving his name as ‘Sean Brett’ explaining to others that they can do it like he is trying to orchestrate a mass online orgy.

The footage above starts to go downhill very quickly. This is because the funny backpacker is dressed as what seems to appears to be some sort of edgy looking outfit. He has what we think to be spunk in his hair. While he is dancing there is some unnamed person seems to be cheering on his sexual dancing.

[Update] The man has been identified as Jimbo shreds, This man has been known for roasting people. We can not confirm or deny if he eats them afterward.

As seen in this video

Please stop reading now if you are easily disturbed!

This continues with the man dressing in a range of different outfits at where we believe it to be a local town of Fremantle!

We spoke to one of the locals which saw this horrendous sight… This is what he said

” Gday, I was drinking VB and he was too easy”. As you can see the locals are still in shock.

The video continues

What we can see in the video is the man wearing a b****i with was too small and you could see nipples hanging out, while he rubbed his body. We hope it was to get the sand off but we highly doubt it!

The video moves on to show the funny backpacker touching up a statue and escaping from a prison. If you see this guy do not go near him he is dangerous and extremely weird.

It ends by the man (Sean Brett) wanting to have feedback and telling people to subscribe so they can see more of him. (What sort of audience would enjoy this carnage!)

before the end of the travel video, he asks a question of would you rather, but we are unable to write this down due to its nature.

We researched Sean Brett

We found more disturbing pictures and videos on his Instagram and YouTube.

This is Sean Brett, Travel Blogger (As shown in this photo, to see more check out his Instagram @fsgtravels)

The photo above was one of the more tamer photo’s, He actually makes money on some of these dreadful images too! For what he calls it Patreon of the Month.

The Music

We worked out the music was copyright by a car selling company and they will be pushing charges on the individual in the video.

Actions that have been taken

  • The YouTube algorithm has not helped this video out one bit! Just like every new YouTuber
  • He has had to pay a large fine, to every grain of sand that was defiled
  • He has a retaining order against him from the statue
  • Has to wear a coat year around in Australia.
  • He is not allowed to make a second part to this video
[Breaking news] 2nd Instagram travel Parody with being made by the Funny Backpacker will be made if the video gets over ten likes! AND IS LOOKING FOR MORE PEOPLE TO COLLABORATE WITH

If you or anyone you know anyone  has been affected by this video please email us directly at stopbeingabitch@yourabitch.com

Thanks for reading

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