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A Comedy Travel Blogger/Vlogger that doesn’t take life too seriously.

A Little History On The Funny Backpacker

The Funny Backpacker is known to his friends and family as Sean Brett.

He has been writing terrible blogs since 2016 where he wrote a fitness blog called DestinaSean. As you can see he no longer is interested in health and fitness. This moved on to writing a blog as a dental technician for a company he was working for.

A few months later Sean decided to travel around Australia with his now-fiancée Taylor Mackee. When leaving he started a free blog called “Failure, Success, and Goals” writing about his traveling life in funny articles

This moved into writing a book called “Backpacks to Beer Taps” and making Youtube Videos, making the website FSG Travels. (This Website)

As time went on, Sean Brett Built many different websites, But in the travel industry, he became known as the Funny Backpacker.

Funny Backpacker

What Does Funny Backpacker Do Now?

The Funny Backpacker is known for his weird challenges that he sets himself, Taking off way too many clothes and wearing stupid outfits.

He records for Youtube, writes about challenges on his website and makes parodies on Instagram.

In 2020 The Funny Backpacker is undertaking 48 challenges based around traveling all 48 counties in England

If it’s funny and todo with travel, The funny backpacker is probably not far away. Mocking it.

As well as doing personal stuff, he is one of the panelists for FSG Travels due to being the sole founder. He has over 50 articles on this site alone.

Is the Funny Backpacker looking to collab?

He is currently working on a big project, based in every county in England. So If you are in England in 2020 and up for filming, documenting or even taking part in some extremely weird travel-based challenges then get in touch with him.

Where To Find More Of The Funny Backpacker

He is an example of his content;

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Patreon page: For them extra bits of funny

Authored Book: Backpacks To Beer Taps
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Funny Backpacker

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