Australian Funniest videos

Top 5 – Australian Funniest Videos

Top 5 – Australian Funniest Videos

Well As I am Travelling Australian, I am the funny Backpacker, I might as well show you Australian funniest videos!

I have chosen the 5 videos which I found the most shareable, So here I am sharing them with you! I would love to know your Favourite video so leave your answer in the comment at the bottom of the page!

I’m going to shut up now and crack up with the top 5 – Australian Funniest Videos


Number 5 – The Australian Dogman

This video when I 1st saw it had me in stitches. Watch it again and look at the dog man’s wife’s face when he starts! I count watch the dog man for hours!

Number 4 – Isaac Butterflied bites back

This guy is just not happy that someone doesn’t like Australia and has a terrible list! He rips into the video 10 reasons not to visit Australia.


Number 3- The Best Party Ever

This teenager has no chill, after throwing the best street party ever. The interviewer tries to roast this guy (Corey Worthington), he doesn’t care.

Number 2 – Dance off

This Guy Parodies a group of different people from Instagram and YouTube and makes this epic video! To find out more about this video check out, Half Naked Dancing In Public: Has The Funny Backpacker Gone Too Far?

1. Australian interview- Mate!

This guy, “All I had was me jocks on and he was chasing me up the street and I’m just like, mate!”

If you think I have missed a good video let me know in the comments.

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