Travel Review : Fremantle

Welcome to Fremantle (Perth, WA, Australia )

Fremantle, Perth

Fremantle or Freo as it known to locals, is one of my favourite places in the whole of Australia! If not the world!

Artistic. Quiet. Underrated!

kookaburra in Fremantle

kookaburra in Fremantle. Want to see more birds of Australia , check out the blog on birds of Australia 

The opening statement seems to be quite a large one, let me me back this up with some reasons why this could be one of the greatest towns in the world!

Chilled out town

If you think Australia is laid back, come to ‘Freo The Home of the Laid Back’. This town is chilled because you don’t need to leave it, But If you do;

Want to go to beach, South beach. Want to go to the city there is Perth less than 40 minutes on a train. Don’t want to go to south beach, how about Cottesloe?

This place is not only close to great places, it stands on its own too.

Its streets and building come to life! Check out this Video of Fremantle which was taken by me and Photographed By Daniele calabrese

What is there to see and Do in Fremantle?

With Fremantle having one of the most amounts of historical building ageing back to the 1st ships, There is plently to see!



Built in 1830’s was the old Fremantle Prison.

This building is the oldest building standing in the whole of  western Australia, for a country which lacks history … This place is pretty cool

For a dollar you can go inside and have a look!

But the sites from the round house are little different.

Views from roundhouse fremantle

I’m not sure on these lines.

We made a video on the Fremantle’s Roundhouse and The bad weather here.

Want to know more about the roundhouse



South Beach

This is one of my favourite places. The beach itself is always so quiet. To be fair most of the beaches in Australia are!

The reason why a quiet beach is great for me, is because I love taking photos.


Fremantle south beach

Travel meme parody

People Judge me! If you want to see more check out my Instagram @fsgtravels 


Rainbow Container Bridge

Find this Bridge! Its a work of art!

Rainbow Container Bridge Fremantle

Rainbow Container Bridge Freo

While you are there you will get amazing views of the harbour …There is a couple of bars and coffee shops there. This are could be one of the places in Fremantle for Instagram! Here are a couple of photos I have taken around sunset.

Fremantle Harbour : Bridge Fremantle Harbour : trees Fremantle Harbour : Selfie Fremantle Harbour : light


Prison Tours

Fremantle Prison

Fremantle Prison

Fremantle Prison an historic building, Go for a tour. See what it was like to be a prisoner.

Or go at night … If your brave enough.


Fremantle Markets

This market place is Gold!

Have a look at our tour, we visit quiet a few stands, All Unique.

So much more to see! This place is only open at the weekends and is a must for visiting Perth!

Find out more about Fremantle markets here.


Little Creatures Brewery

Fancy a beer? Who doesn’t? Why have one when you can have 10 (one cider) they do an awesome tasting tray for $10

This is my thoughts on the beers

Find out more about little Creatures here 



Quokkas! That is all.


Rottenest island quokka

Rottenest island quokkaRottenest island quokka Rottenest island quokks  Rottenest island Seal Rottenest island

I will be giving more information on rottenest island in another blog so stay tuned


Chic Peas

Freo is known for its quirky things and the food is not different! there is amazing food to try at the Fremantle markets. One of these being Chic Pea Vegan Cafe!

Fantastic food for vegans or even the meat eater wanting a change!

find out more about Chic Pea vegan cafe

Fremantle YHA Prison

Last but not least my current home Fremantle YHA Prison.

Yes I live in Prison and I love it! It so different, sometimes a little creepy. But awesome!

I have a made a Cool blog on Fremantle Prison YHA but it is a little bias because its my job and home, Click on this link for it 

Fremantle YHA Prison

Fremantle YHA Prison


Fremantle Coffee shops

I have heard rumours that fremantle has some of the best Coffee in the world!

I had to test this out!

Here is more information about the best coffee shops in Fremantle!

Gesha Coffee co


Thanks for Reading!

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