14 Things To Do and See In Fremantle (WA, Australia )

Fremantle See and Do

Fremantle, Perth

Fremantle or Freo as it known to locals is one of my favorite places in the whole of Australia! If not the world! I spent 6 months living in Fremantle on a working holiday in Australia. There is so much to do and see there, I have made a list of things that you could probably squeeze into a weekend, And a lot of other things for people planning to stay a little longer!

3 words to describe Fremantle: Artistic. Quiet. Underrated!

Fremantle - See and Do

Chilled out town

The opening statement seems to be quite a large one, let meme back this up with some reasons why this could be one of the greatest towns in the world! If you think Australia is laid back, come to ‘Freo The Home of the Laid Back’. This town is chilled because you don’t need to leave it, But If you do;

Want to go to the beach, South Beach. Want to go to the city there is Perth less than 40 minutes on a train. Don’t want to go to south beach, how about Cottesloe?

This place is not only close to great places, but it also stands on its own too.

Fremantle: Photo By Daniele Calabrese

What is there to see and Do in Fremantle?

With Fremantle having one of the most amounts of historical building aging back to the 1st ships, There is plenty to see! This is quite a long list but this is worth reading as you will find something you never even thought of doing in Fremantle.

kookaburra in Fremantle

kookaburra in Fremantle. Want to see more birds of Australia, check out the blog on birds of Australia 

1.The Roundhouse

We visited the Fremantle roundhouse, We took some photos to show you. Even though the weather was terrible, As you see in the video below but we had an awesome day and got some incredible photos!

Round House Fremantle

This is the first thing you will notice when you arrive at the Roundhouse is the Yellow lines over the building leading up to the building, it’s a strange sight from below and even weirder from higher up where they line up.

Fremantle roundhouse Fremantle Roundhouse

So let’s move on to the Roundhouse, it’s one of the oldest buildings in the whole of Australia and is the oldest building in Western Australia. Built-in 1830 and opened in 1831. The views from the Top are amazing! You get to see the harbor and the beach. You can pay a gold coin donation to inside, where you will find more information about the Roundhouse and the old Prison

There is a tunnel underneath which leads to the beach, with more information about its time and history. There was a sign explains how beach whales use to get eaten here by the aborigines… Don’t let this put you off the roundhouse is a fantastic, even if you just go there for the view

2. Visit the beaches

South Beach, Port Beach and Bathers beach all have its own beauty’s. The South Beach is easy to get to, jump on the free bus, Port beach is a lovely long stretch of beach and then there is Bathers where you can have a drink on.

If you want to know which is the best beach in Fremantle check out this Article Which Is The Best Beach In Fremantle?

Fremantle south beach

South Beach: Photo taken on a winter day


3.Swan River and Container Rainbow

The Rainbow Container is an Instagram happy place. If you look up the #fremantle I won’t take you long to find a photo of someone at this site. Apart from this being a work of art, there are many other great sights from this area of the swan river.

Rainbow Container Bridge Fremantle

Rainbow Container Rainbow Freo

While you are there you will get amazing views of the harbor. There is a couple of bars and coffee shops there But more on this later!

Fremantle Harbour : Bridge Fremantle Harbour : trees Fremantle Harbour : Selfie Fremantle Harbour : light


4.Prison Tours

Fremantle Prison

Fremantle Prison

Fremantle Prison a historic building, Go for a tour. See what it was like to be a prisoner. Or go at night, If you’re brave enough. There are around 4 different tours available at the Fremantle prison Ranging from Infomation walking tours, Night tours (the Flashlight Tour) and tour where you go through the tunnels. The tour guides are brilliant here and some use to be ex-prison guards, for the real experience.


5.Fremantle Markets

The reason why you should visit Fremantle at the weekend! Normally open Friday to Sunday, which the massive range of shops Available it is one of Fremantle’s must-visit locations.

Not sure if this place is your cup of tea then check out my tour video below or check out this Article on the markets Fremantle Markets- Great Place For Travelers

So much more to see! This place is only open at the weekends and is a must for visiting Perth!

Find out more about Fremantle markets here.


6.Little Creatures Brewery

Little Creatures is a local brewery that is known across Western Australia, they even sell their Beer in the Perth Airport! This place is worth a visit, for a drink, food or even a tour.

The Brewery and Bars are massive and have such a cool aspect with brewing tanks giving the Hall a special Atmosphere. This theme runs around the whole building including the BrewHouse. The Building has some really fun signs around the place which makes it look trendy and very different from the standard pub.

Little Creatures Fremantle Beer TastingLittle Creatures Fremantle Beer sign

My top tip is to get a tasting tray, Where you get to tried all the 9 beers available (1 Cider), the Tray itself added up to the same volume as a pint, you also get a list of beers and list of what flavors was in the beer. If you don’t have time for that, you can use my ratings as a preferable golden ale drinker (Yes a dark Ale Wins)

My Beers and Cider Rankings

White Rabbit Dark Ale 8
Pale Ale 8
Rooger’s Beer 8
Pipsqueak Apple Cider 7
India Pale Ale 7
Dog Days Session Ale 7
Elsie WA Ale 7
Bright Ale 6
Orginal Pilsner 5
The Fuggle is Real Stout 3


Ok, this isn’t even Fremantle itself but, From Fremantle, you can get one of many different ferries to Rottenest Island. This is normally cheaper than Perth and a lot closer. I would always recommend Rottnest Island for anyone staying in Fremantle longer than 2 days. You can easily spend a whole day on the island and it is really fun to get a bike and cycle while snapping pictures of the quokkas.

Not sure about Rottenest Island or still have some questions this Article while being able to help! What To Do On Rottnest Island -Best Way To See the Quokkas


Rottenest island quokka

Rottenest island quokkaRottenest island quokka Rottenest island quokks  Rottenest island Seal Rottenest island

8.Fremantle YHA Prison

Why just visit a Prison when you can stay in one? This place isn’t as creepy as it makes out. Fremantle YHA Prison has a great range of rooms from Prison Cells to Family rooms, Mixed Dorms and Even hiring out a Private cottage.

I personally lived here for 6 months, I highly recommend it! YHA Fremantle Prison -The Best Hostel In The World?

Fremantle YHA Prison

Fremantle YHA Prison

Want a tour around Fremantle YHA, Then have a watch of my weird parody


9.Fremantle Coffee shops

I have heard rumors that Fremantle has some of the best Coffee in the world! I have tried a lot of the different Coffee shops trying to prove this fact. Even if Fremantle doesn’t have the BEST coffee in the world it does have a list of fantastic coffee shops to try. Luckily for you, I have made a list of my favorite Coffee shops in Fremantle. This should save you some time to do more things on this list!

The Best places For Coffee in Fremantle

Gesha Coffee co


In Comparison to Perth Fremantle’s Nightlife is amazing! To Be fair Fremantle has good trendy scenes for its Nightlife and Bars From the Sail and Achor the Asformention Little Creatures to Bars like Benny and clubs like Metro. It’s worth visiting and see Fremantle in the night too!

If you want to have the perfect night out and Haven’t been to Fremantle before here is my guide! Nightlife In Fremantle – How To Plan The Perfect Night Out

Metropolis Fremantle Night Life

11. Walk around

You can’t get bored with Fremantle as you can just go for a walk, there are many great places to walk to including the beaches, the town, and the Swan River.

I have spent hours going for random walks around Fremantle and have walked from Fremantle to Cottlesloe along the beach which is fantastic and I would recommend. If you want to know more about this great beach walk, check out Ports Beach To Cottesloe Beach- Best Beach Walk-In WA

Ports beach Fremantle

12. Sunset on the River

If you want a romantic date, or just want to get some great photos then sunset down the Swan River is an amazing place to go. There is a couple of bars down the swan river for a great date but there is one place I would Recommend more than others and that’s Zephyr Cafe- You can read a review here

Sunset over the swan river outside Zephyr Cafe

Sunset over the swan river View from Zephyr Cafe

13. Explore North and East Fremantle

There is more than Fremantle than a town and a market.

Have explored of East and North Fremantle and Visit places like

  • Dolphins on the swan river
  • Waterfalls
  • More Cafes

In this article, I give reviews on places in East and North Fremantle-North And East Fremantle See And Do

East Fremantle

14. Enjoy winter in Fremantle

Most people think Fremantle is only fun in the summer with all the things I mentioned above but winter is also great for Fremantle too, with the range of museums even events held during the winter months.

During the winter they hold an event over the Esplanade Park called Winterworld and this is brilliant! If you want to read my review Winter World Fremantle -Perfect Place For a Date

WInter World Fremnatle

Thanks for Reading!

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I loved Fremantle, I really hope you find it just as Brillant as I did!

Thanks again and don’t forget to smash it.

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