Fremantle Markets

Fremantle Markets- Great Place For Travelers

Fremantle Markets

What a place for travelers! Fremantle Markets is a hotspot for Western Australia. But still many people that visit Perth miss out on the opportunity to visit the market due to two main reasons, They don’t know about it and the second is when the place is open. Luckily for you, I am here to spread the word about the Markets and Give you some top tips when visiting!

Basic Infomation 

Address:  South Terrace &, Henderson St, Fremantle WA 6160, Australia

Entry cost: Free

Opening hours/days: Friday 9 AM -8 PM, Saturday& Sunday 9 AM – 6 PM. Closed the rest of the week

Fremantle Markets -perfect place for travelers

Is the Fremantle Market worth visiting?

As soon as you walk in the door of this old building (1897) you can see and smell the atmosphere. Inside you will smell the different stalls, coffee shops to foods from around the world. We really had fun here because of its amazing culture and different colors and smells. The vibrate atmosphere is amazing here and it’s on every weekend but everyone behind the stalls is excited like it a brand new idea that has just started.

If you are in Perth or planning to visit Fremantle (which you should) Then the markets are the one the places that you have to see! I would even go as far as saying it should be WA bucket list!

The market it’s self is set up with the most beautiful range of shops and food places, not one place is the same. Below I will give a rundown of some of the stalls.

Moon Rhythm- Fremantle Markets

This shop sells healing minerals, all shapes, and sizes. It has a great smell to it too! Might have got one for myself.

This place is has a hippy/hipster kinda of vibe to it, like a lot of places in Fremantle.

Moon Rythm

Coffee Connection- Fremantle Markets

This coffee shop has a range of coffees so large and you couldn’t even think them up. I tried the Russian Cooky dough which was amazing!

Picture coffee connection - Fremantle Markets

Chic Pea Vegan Cafe Fremantle

The Chic Pea Vegan Cafe Fremantle is part of the Fremantle Markets but also a stand-alone cafe. This cafe dedicates it’s self to making homemade vegan meals, Fresh with friendly service.

The Chic Pea Vegan Cafe in Fremantle, Perth

The Chic Pea Vegan Cafe in Fremantle, Perth

When Myself (Sean Brett) and Taylor MacKee went down to Chic Pea Vegan Cafe we were trying out being vegan. We were about 3 days without any meat or Animal produce. We were really new to the vegan ideas and struggling with knowing what to eat. Michaela ( the owner of the cafe) is extremely friendly and helpful she gave us so much advice for food, like still eating what you fancy but looking up a vegan recipe for it.  This really help us!

The food at the Chic Pea Vegan Cafe

Notzarella Waffle and Vegan Pasty at the Chic Pea Vegan Cafe

Notzarella Waffle and Vegan Pasty

I and Taylor tried out the Notzalla waffle which was so creamy … Tastes like ‘Real’ Cheese. The Vegan pasty was Amazing! I was so impressed… The best Pasty I’ve had in over a year and a half( The best one I’ve had in the whole of Australia). It also came with a tomato chutney was to die for! I was so Impressed with the food. I don’t know exactly what I was expecting, Maybe raw vegetables? nothing cooked all boring veg.

Pecan lime Tart and Brownie

Pecan lime Tart and Brownie

These desserts matched the other food! Tasty. Out of the two, we both decided the chocolate brownie was the better one!

We made a recording of our visit if you if would like to check it out click below

Original Fudge Fremantle- Fremantle Markets

This place has some amazing fudge I would Know I tried a lot of it! So So Yummy!

This place has a beautiful range of different locally made fudges which are made with care and passion. Unlike other fudges, these are not boiled which loses a lot of the flavors. The range of flavors of fudges is quite mind-blowing!  They are so so sweet! Original fudge, mnms,  fudge peanut butter, marshmallow, and caramel…ETC

As you can see by the pictures the colors of the standout. So if you visit Fremantle market you can’t miss this stand, and make sure you stop by and taste so of the wonderful tasting fudge. The guy behind the stand is extremely friendly and if you ask nicely he may let you try before you buy!

You can buy one single fudge or multiple boxes of a range of different fudges, that you can share or eat yourself.

picture of Fremantle Fudge - Fremantle Markets

Fudge Tasting Video!

I made a great video of me trying a range of different fudges from this stand, have a watch. Its a good video for you guys not knowing which of the fudges to try when you head down to the markets. I review and rate 7 different fudges.

IrisPhoto – Fremantle Markets

This shop takes photographs of your eye. some might find this a little creepy, I find it fascinating.

Picture of Iris Photo - Fremantle Markets

Our review and Recommendation

I would recommend this place to all travelers to Australia with the local area of Fremantle! Fremantle Markets gets a 4 out of 5 .While we were at the Markets we made a video of a couple of the stands and stalls as aforementioned in this Article and if you would like to check it out it’s below

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I Really enjoyed my time in Fremantle and it was one of the best places to see in the whole of Australia… Check out this Article you are planning on traveling Fremantle as It links you lots of fantastic things to do and see in Fremantle (stuff you wouldn’t even be able to think of)

Welcome to Fremantle (Perth, WA, Australia

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