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Fremantle Markets

What a place for travellers! Fremantle markets

As soon as you walk in the door of this old building (1897) you can see and smell the atmosphere. This is Australia at its finest!


We really had fun here because of its amazing culture and different colours and smells. The vibrate atmosphere is amazing here and its on every weekend but everyone behind the stalls are excited like it has just opened up!

The market it’s self is set up with the most beautiful range of shops and food places, not one place is the same.

Moon Rhythm- Fremantle Markets

This shop sells healing minerals, all shapes and sizes. It has a great smell to it too! Might have got one for myself.

Moon Rythm

Coffee Connection- Fremantle Markets

This coffee shop  has a range of coffees so large and you couldn’t even think them up. They taste nice too.

Picture coffee connection - Fremantle Markets

IrisPhoto – Fremantle Markets

This shop takes photographs your eye. some might find this a little creepy i find it fascinating.

Picture of Iris Photo - Fremantle Markets

Original Fudge Fremantle- Fremantle Markets

This place has some amazing fudge I would Know i tried a lot of it! So So Yummy!

picture of Fremantle Fudge - Fremantle Markets

Fremantle Markets has a massive range of shops, Stands and Stools all bright colourful and interactive… So If you are looking for something to do Fremantle or Perth this is the place to go!


While we was at the Markets we made a video of a couple of the stands and stalls as aforementioned in the blog and if you would like to check it out its below

This video below is our tour of Fremantle Markets, I hope you enjoy it.


This is a place to go see if your in western Australia!

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