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Support A Fellow Traveler – How I Can Help You Out By You Helping Me

Support a fellow traveler

In this blog I will be explaining what supporting a fellow traveler can do for you! This blog is going to borderline begging but with added tits. Because why not?

Ok, You’re probably wondering why I said “added tits” but if you keep reading you will find out soon!

Let’s crack on with…

What’s in it for you

Apart from giving you a warm fuzzy feeling knowing you have giving me the ability to travel for a bit longer and keeping off family’s couch there is a lot more in it for you!

I don’t want something for anything so this is what I can offer you!

Donation directly goes to me to do more of what I’m already doing. Each donation will allow me to make more blogs, travel more and make better content


For gigs that could help you if are wanting to be a travel blogger or just need that extra help!

Let’s talk about our Patreon Account!

If you don’t know what Patreon is, Let me give you a quick rundown

Simply its a way creators can offer more content to a select number of fans in any way they choose. If you want to be part of this select group you make a monthly payment! Each amount coincides with reward.

This what you can get for being our Patreon!

 Some unedited content or preview of work

Unedited or extra content

For a $1 or more a month, I will give you extra content from unedited stuff or preview content coming

Learn more…

Be the Patreon of the month

Patreon of the month

For $3 a month,I choose someone to be a Patreon of the month. This includes a shout out on a lot of the social media will share this on! (for the month of December you get a free personalized one of a kind calendar!

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Get a shout out on a random social media account

Get a shout out

For $5 a month I will give you a shout out on one of the social media accounts

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Postcard from around the world

postcard from FSG

For $25 a month I will send you a personal postcard from a country on our travels for that month!

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Come to get a coffee with me!

Come get coffee with me

OK this is actually a piss take but if are up for footing the $1200 I will come to your local coffee shop and meet you! I do this every month you pay this!

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What extra money can do for me (For You)

With every extra dollar or pound that comes our way the more content we can make!

Sounds a little strange but with every book sale to donation, it brings me one step closer to be able to spend full time on FSG Travels. The time that I can be writing more detailed blogs, more books, travel to more countries and show you more that you can do!

The more money, The funnier I can make the content… I want to inspire more people to travel and the people already travelling, I want them to travel longer and harder!

Travelling has changed my life for the better and I believe that this could be the case so many more people!

I understand some people can’t be spending money but really want to support FSG Travels, Then sharing our any of content is the next best help… Or letting others know about FSG Travels. Recommend us to anyone wanting to travel or currently and this will help us build faster!

Thanks for reading

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