The fastest person around Europe

Fastest time to travel Europe by scheduled surface transport

Fastest time to travel Europe by scheduled surface transport

Another Guinness World record Attempt to be undertaken by Funny Backpacker, Seems mad to be applying for more World Record attempts knowing I haven’t made any progress with the looming, Fastest time to visit all sovereign countries. When I say no progress I mean very little in the way of the problems that are going to face.

For guys who know nothing about me or why I am trying to undergo these mad challenges then you can always read The Travel Journey: Fastest Time To Visit All Sovereign Countries But for guys too lazy to click on the link and follow my journey simply its a challenge of a very standard broke man who knows very little about how to undergo such a massive challenge.  In the hopes to get more people to open their eyes to what they can do if they put there mind to things. “If I can Do this, anyone can do anything”.

Why am I trying to go for the record of the Fastest time to travel to every country in Europe by scheduled surface transport?

The New Challenge

Europe has 50 countries recognized sovereign countries, One I will currently be standing in which is the UK when I start this challenge which will be one of five Island countries that I will have to visit along with Cyprus, Iceland, and Malta and the Republic of Ireland.

In this challenge, I will be Attempting to visit all countries of Europe in Under 10 days (17 days is the current record). I will not be able to take any flights while trying to complete this challenge too. So I will be relying on boats, trains and other forms of surface public transport. Maybe walking, a lot of walking

The date I hope to attempt this challenge will be on 27 November 2021 (my 29th birthday)

Why am I attempting this?

Well, as before mentioned I am attempting to break the record of the Fastest time to visit all sovereign countries but looking at it now it seems to be an undefeatable challenge. Due to fact, my bank balance showing minus numbers and the wanting to see the countries I am visiting rather than just passing through I have to make so sacrifice somewhere.

Smashing 50 countries in less than 10 days gives me less than 150 countries todo in 355 days which is a more mandible amount todo. Crazy amount but better than around 200 in 365. The cost of this will not change much due to trains and other public transports costing around the same. But I can’t be for sure until I do a full route plan and money analysis.

I am looking for advice!

More than everything at the moment, I am looking for advice on how to start to plan such an epic challenge if you have any ideas or anything you can add which may help or just support, then leave a comment below.

Talking about support, If you would like to support this challenge then there is a Paypal Below

I will be looking for sponsorships for this challenge but I haven’t looked too much into this yet but if you want/ have ideas for this let me know.

Keep up with the journey so far here: The Travel Journey: Fastest Time To Visit All Sovereign Countries

Don’t forget to smash it.

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