If your question isn’t on this list feel free to contact us. failuresuccessgoals@gmail.com

What exactly is FSG Travels trying to achieve?

A place for anyone with an interest in travel, It doesn’t matter if you are getting paid to travel the world or you haven’t even left your home yet.

This website should be the home hub for all your traveler needs. Telling you places to try out, avoid and things you should be thinking or caring about.

Unlike other travel sites, We have more in-depth reviews on places, From people within the travel industry.

We don’t close our sites off to just content about travel, we also give tips and advice from bloggers, vloggers, Instagrammers… teaching you what helped them.

More about FSG Travels can be found here

How do I become a content creator?

It’s very easy to write,film or taking photos for FSG Travels. We want as many people and Content as possible (Of course keeping the good vaule)

The best way to write for us is to get in touch. Visit Promote yourself

How long does the Content stay on FSG Travels for?

We will try to keep the Content on the site indefinitely. But there might be times that the article becomes out of date. If this is the case we will message you and inform you of this, giving you the chance to update it. If you are unable to update it, the post will be taken down.

Other times posts will be removed, is when we receive in writing that you no longer want to be part of this site or if we find that you broke any of our terms in the post. In both cases, we will remove all your content and no longer will allow any posts from yourself.

This is the same with our Youtube and Instagram Page

How can I update my profile?

Due to the fact, there are only 24 hours in a day and updates to profiles can take time. We can’t update profiles every time you change a link or gain a new achievement.

Saying this if you want your profile updated the best way is to write a new article. Every article after your first you will get the option to update your profile.

Who is on the panel and how do I become a panelist?

You can find the panelist here

Our panelist is chosen mainly from what they can offer to this page. It’s not just given to the biggest names in travel, in fact, it’s given to some of the smallest names too.

I could say email us and explain why you should be on the panel, but the truth is we normally choose the panelists on articles and post written. If you have written some amazing posts for this page you make receive an email from us asking you to join.