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Travel And End Game – My 1.6 Million Pound End Game

Travel and end game

Bit of strange title, I  admit it. You must be thinking what is an End game is something Taylor Swift sings about?

Well yes, she does sing about wanting to be your end game, But she isn’t my end game, my Taylor would kill me!

End Game: The place you want to end up in life! That Goal, that Idea of where you want to be in life, sometime before you die.

This is not the 1st Blog I have wrote about End games. The last one was in the mindset of a blogger, Using that to movitive when time gets hard.

This one is how travel can help you find your end game, Going into more details about your end game. Why everyone needs an end game, But especially when traveling.

Beautiful grass and water

How travel can help you find your end game

“I’m Going Travelling to find myself” If anyone said this sentence to me while I worked in my 40 hours a week job back at home I would at laughed in there face! (I was a dick, Still am). The fact you want to find yourself while traveling is funny, what can getting on a plane, spending X amount of hours in the sun teach you.

You learn struggles, You learn dealing with money ( lots of lessons about this in this blog) But most of all it teaches you to relax about life.

You stop caring about what others think about you. “no-one knows me here it’s ok!” Then you enjoy being you. You learn what you want to know, you experience life how you want to live, You find your purpose in life! Some this can take a week, some months, some even years of traveling.

My finding myself story

Mine happened when I was earning a shit load of money in comparison to what I earnt back home in a job. This job in Australia, I didn’t have to spend years in college, pay a yearly membership and work my arse off. It clicked I never was going to be able to make this much back at home without serious hours in things I hate, That’s not a life. So I set out from that moment to make money while I slept todo more while I was awake and inspire others to open their eyes. This is why I now spend every hour I can to FSG travels because I believe traveling opens your mind. I do everything here to get people to travel more, make travel cheap and easy as possible and make you laugh because Life should not be so Fucking serious!

Your Story

This story could be anything from realizing there is too much crime in the world or hate, animal suffering or poverty. Your story could just be having a new found love for family and friends. I can not predict what you will learn. You may learn so much and you have so much you want to inspire others to do. Whatever clicks with you, you will want to live your life by it!

How to turn your story into your end game

Know your story! Your purpose and how you want to achieve it.

Now, where are you when it been completed;

  • What kind of house do you live in?
  • How big is your family?
  • Where are you in the world?
  • Who are you with?
  • How old are you?
  • What is your mark on the world?
  • Why do You want this?

Really picture this stuff, write it down, draw a picture. Just really think about this. Some of the details might still be missing but this will give you an aim to look for these.

This is your end game!

You now need to think how do you achieve it;

  • How much Money do you need?
  • How much time is it going to take?
  • What work do you need to do?
  • How do you make that mark?

This might be a little hard to think about, It won’t come to you right away and things will change!

My End Game

  • What kind of house do you live in? Cottage with a Large amount of land
  • How big is your family? Undecided
  • Where are you in the world? Wales
  • Who are you with? Taylor Mackee
  • How old are you? 30
  • What is your mark on the world? Inspiring others to not work to death.
  • Why do you want this? Freedom for me to travel and others to enjoy the world
  • How much Money do you need? 1.6 million pounds (this will last me the rest of my life)
  • How much time is it going to take? 5 years
  • What work do you need to do? More than everyone else ( 40 hours a week on my business)
  • How do you make that mark? FSG Travels

This might look a little vague to you but I go into more details with Taylor about the end game, she already knows the type of fence we have and how many dogs we have and their names. How I plan to be a millionaire by 30, And lots of other details.

Why everyone needs an end game, But more so when you travel

Why do you need an end game? something to focus on. Something to get you out of bed in the morning the reason to write a blog when you don’t feel like writing. Having that goal will inspire your greatest, which will lead to much more.

Travel is hard, the struggles are real. once a month you will think of giving up and going home, due to one problem or another. Having that focus will help you learn and grow more! The other problem which travel is the fact it normally has to end, you have to go back to the “real world” but going back to a day job doesn’t have to mean going back to the same person!

Keep your end goal and change your world, no matter how big or small!


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