Drop Bears – Are they Real? & Why Would They Fake It?

Drop Bears

Drop Bears

The whole country of Australia will tell you Drop Bears are real! But why?

The country who is known for its deadliest animals in the whole world, But yet it has to make up another one? This isn’t the strangest thing about the whole drop bear story! There are many questions that I hope to answer in this article like;

  • What are Drop bears?
  • Where did the story of drop bears come from?
  • Why All Australians will not say drop bears are lies?
  • Why do drop bears just attack tourists? Are they racists?
  • What do they look like?
  • Do I believe in Drop Bears?

Let’s crack on with the list of questions

What are drop bears?

Rabid looking Kolas. These drop bears, drop from trees in the Australian outback to land on tourists. In a predatory sense ripping open them and eating the tourists on the spot. Very violent animals should be avoided at all costs!

Where did the story of drop bears come from?

I’ve spent hours trawling the internet to find the answer to this question, Some say it comes from an Australian folklore but I was unable to find details on this folklore. Some remember being told as kids as far back as 50 years ago.

But a lot of people say it was popularized in 2000 for the Olympics by USA videoing koala falling out a tree

This was one of the best places I could find details of people talking about where the story came from


Why All Australians will not say drop bears are lies?

This is the best thing about drop bears, It’s such a thing in Australia. They love to tell tourists they are real just for shits and giggles (or is it)

Even the Australian Museum gets in on this joke

Why do drop bears just attack tourists? Are they racists?

Yes and Yes

What do drop bears look like?

They look like Rabid Koala bears

drop bear

(Artist’s impression)

Do I believe in Drop Bears?

Getting a whole country in on one joke is amazing! That much effort from a laid-back country like Australia must mean one thing only. They are real! They have a double bluffing going on now! Think why would they make it up? No Need already have the most deadly animals to scare tourists.

The reason why they are double bluffing after the video of a koala fall out a tree they could play it off as a large joke, allowing more tourists to come visit Australia to feed the drop bears, saving the locals!

Thanks for reading

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