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Things To Do And See In Doolin, West Ireland

Doolin, Western Ireland

A little village in Western Ireland but the question you want to know is “Is Doolin Worth visiting as a tourist?” I wouldn’t put it on the top 10 places to visit in Ireland but it is an unusual tourist hotspot. Most people would just look past this little town on the way to Galway or when heading to the Cliffs of Moher but this town is worth the stop and let me tell you why!


Basic Details

Location: County Clare, Not far from the Cliffs of Moher

Known For: Caves, Surfing and Pubs

Why should you visit Doolin?

Are you traveling Ireland for that real Irish experience and are bored of fake and touristy shops and want to see a real Irish town? Well, Doolin is perfect for this, It feels very untouched but still very welcoming. Here are some of my favorite places to visit and see when in Doolin.

Gus O Connor’s Pub

Gus O'Connor's Pub Doolin

A true Irish pub that I couldn’t find in Dublin or Even Galway. They have a range of Irish drinks and foods. From Guinness, Irish coffees, Seafood chowed and Irish Stew.

Gus O'Connor's Pub Doolin

I had to try the seafood chowed and a baileys cheesecake and both were amazing! It was served down with an Irish gunpowder gin and tonic.

Gus O'Connor's Pub Doolin Seafood Chowder

Just a heads up, there is an hour rush between 4pm-5pm o’clock every day due to the fact of a tour bus drop off point.

Gus O'Connor's Pub Doolin

Everyone inside the pub was friendly and the food was served extremely quickly!

Doolin Chocolate Shop

Doolin Fudge

located next door to the Gus O Connor’s pub. This little chocolate shop serves up some great homemade chocolates and fudges!


I tried white chocolate and cranberry fudge and it was delicious.

Doolin Tourist Infomation


There is a Tourist Information shop nearby too which can give you information about the caves, roads and the Cliffs of Moher as well as more information about County Clare itself.

There are many places to stay in Doolin like hostels and Hotels, asking inside and the locals will help you find the perfect place for you.


But the main reason that you should visit Doolin is the local landscape. It is fantastic. The views will leave you breathless!

Doolin Doolin Doolin

A couple of favorite views from in and around Doolin. The landscape has a beautiful peaceful feel to it. You could spend hours just doing nothing, and it wouldn’t be time wasted!

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