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Let’s Talk Some Shit! – Just Doing Something Gives You Ideas

I’m going to talk shit until ideas come

I have a theory that as long as you are doing something. Ideas and opportunities will come your way! Today I’m going to prove this to you!

Just a heads up this blog is not going to be very well structured.

What’s happening right now

So, I’m currently on my 1st day off in a while and I don’t have anything planned apart from relaxing! No extreme adventuring or traveling today. Just me, a bottle of jacks, Come Dine With Me (then friends). I will try not to get too drunk as the blog will go south rather quickly, Plus I have worked at 7 am and it’s currently 4 pm so let’s see where I end up…


The last time I had Alcohol

…Maybe it will be like that time I had alcohol. I Passed out on the toilet at the Crinny pub. Well, let’s hope not! That wasn’t a good sight for my colleague who found me naked with me dribbling out of both ends. This was after one too many sambuca shots.

Here is a photo of Me on that special night.

Drunk photo

Guess this is very fitting for my brand! The real side of traveling, Where you plan to drink at every pub in the city, but by the time you finished your 1st night out… you’re never drinking again! Saying this the JD I’m currently slipping on tastes like shit thinking back on all the drunk nights.

From drunk dance off’s to falling down stairs… to being dragged down my driveway by mates car. ( look 3 great stories to tell you another day, Maybe I’ll give a series on drunk stories as I have a lot)


Let’s get back on track

The Idea of this blog is to show you doing something leads to ideas or opportunities ( You never know this blog might get me sponsored by alcohol brand)

An example of this is the fact the other day I was on facebook and one thing leads to another and I ended on a Podcast! There will be links to this podcast when it’s live!

-Update ( The podcast never recorded, So annoyed with this, might record it again one day)

I have kinda wrote a blog on this topic before showing what the Idea of writing the Book Backpacks To Beer Taps lead to this whole idea of blogging, Vlogging empire and hoping others just go out and do something! But this blog is just my way of showing how this ‘theory’ actually works.


Why am I running out of ideas?

It’s funny, Like a lot of people, You don’t run out of Ideas. You just think your ideas are all bad. I even wrote a blog on how to get ideas for blogs, so you never run out!

I have 43 draft blog, these are blogs I have started then got bored of writing or I these blogs are just titles. So I have plenty of ideas. Just no motivation to write these.

The question I should ask why can’t I be bothered to write these blogs?

The answer comes from the fact I love to improve with every Blog or Vlog and it’s hard when you are waiting to release something you have spent a lot of time on and It’s pretty damn Awesome! Or the fact you have done some amazing content lately and this content is making you think you can’t beat it with your shitty Ideas!

An Example of this is the fact I release 2 awesome videos in one week (these videos are below) and then It’s taken 3 weeks to even make a 3rd because I was scared it wasn’t going to live up to the other videos.

Yes, I know these videos never went viral. But they have achieved more likes and view in comparison to other videos.

Imagine you have spent 10 years making songs, and playing them to small crowds then BOOM one of your songs all over the radio, people want to come to see you play! Imagine the pressure of writing the next song. You want it to be better than your last! A lot of people crumble under that pressure. One Hit Wonders.

Why I enjoy small growth

I have seen so many people gain “Instant success” or have that one video or picture and then feel under pressure to beat it, But not know what they did the 1st time. Sometimes it’s luck mixed with talent that makes success!

With small growth you learn what works and what doesn’t, It makes you work harder to give your best! You research, read books you watch others and then improve! But saying this … It sucks big time when you do all this and you don’t grow!

One rather strong glass of Jacks later

Funny after just one glass of jacks and I’m already talking shit how I don’t want to be the next PSY. Let’s move up and grab a second glass.

You might be wondering what Taylor is doing right now, Well she is currently having a day nap!

Don’t judge the fact I’m drinking alone or Taylor is day napping. ( I’m Not drinking alone, Taylor is on the same bed as me, so it’s cool)

People who haven’t worked In hospitality before

Day napping has become a thing for me too since starting in Hospitality work due to the fact, you might have a day shift one day, night shifts the next and the afternoon the day after. I love it, It’s a nightmare for sleep but how nice it is to have the actual day off and still get paid for work later. Do shit in the day and then get paid. Find sleep when you can.

Right I need some food

Going to take a break on writing this blog, grab some shit food. I have stated this yet but I’m back eating meat and no longer trying to vegan.

I keep telling myself stories, About I haven’t got time to cook vegan, I haven’t got time exercise, I’ll do it tomorrow!

Well for accountability you guys Tomorrow is Going to be Tomorrow!

But for now, I have got some hot dogs and Alcohol to eat and drink!

After eating, I’ve decided that I will dedicate one hour day to exercise and listen to Audiobooks, See more of Fremantle

I will also spend more time looking after myself with better food.

Let’s Summarise

I think I have enough stuff here to prove my ‘Theory’ of doing something will give you more ideas.

You might be thinking, What a shit blog and random stuff.

But Less look at the bigger picture of the blog and look what I have Achieved.  (Just a tip, with this theory you need act on the ideas to keep the ball rolling)


Blog on drunk stories, maybe a vlog?

Maybe I’ll do a blog about small growth advantages for people who are blogging and seeing little to no growth

I’ve decided I want a healthy lifestyle and I want to form this around travel. This will spread to more blog and vlogs and funny videos…

These are just the immediate effects of this blog. Who knows, what will happen, when I put this out for the world to see, maybe I learn a new way of promotion, maybe someone will see this blog that inspires more great things!

Just putting things out there – things will come back. Let’s HOPE it’s NOT SHIT

How you can be this theory into practice to travel the world?

Another blog idea… so you will wait for the link!


Thanks for reading

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