Do I Go Vegan

Do I Go Vegan?

Do I go Vegan?

Let me tell you a bit about me if you don’t already know.

About me

  • Sean Brett
  • Currently travelling Australia
  • From England
  • Author of 1 Book (3 Ebooks)
  • YouTuber
  • Engaged to Taylor MacKee
  • Blogger
  • Meat Eater

The reasons why I should go vegan

Ok the last one does not define me but, After speaking to a lot of different Backpackers being a Meat eater is just wrong in todays world.

With me trying to break out of the 9-5 but still not giving up meat because its inconvenience, seems stupid. Travelling the world is inconvenience , finding time to film is inconvenience and blogging is inconvenience. Eating meat is my choice….

The funny thing with vegans is how vegan can you be… to be a true vegan and having no effect on animals and the world, is not to exist.

Saying this why do I need to drink cows breast milk? Why do I need a cow to die for me to eat… The reason i came travelling was to learn and adapt, so why not Learn from others

Am I worried about the stick of being vegan? …funny this is a question. but I’ve laughed about vegan jokes (and made some) and to fair i’m use to being the butt of the jokes.

why don’t do it?

where to start… i’m not a fan of vegetables,i’m unsure what to cook .

what about Taylor?

She would join me, but how long can we last she likes less food than me !

what do i do?

Cold turkey or slowly? This is a lifestyle change…

So if your Vegan help me out . websites, recipes and what not

But please don’t send me videos of animals being killed! I’ve seen it and don’t like it.


So how did the challenge go? check it out here Vegan Travel Challenge


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