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Funny Articles

These are to show you a lighter side of travel.

How to Master Vacation Mode (Holiday Mode) +Memes

Master Vacay Mode


An article trying to make the term Vacay mode a real thing.






Couples Break Up When Traveling- 101 Reasons Why

You Will Break Up When You Travel!


This is a parody blog for the worry of breaking up when traveling.






Funny Travel Quotes

Funny Travel Quotes


These are some great travel quotes, most of these are thought of by myself… So I guess they are not quite quoted.






Spam Comments On Instagram – How I Deal With Them

How to Deal With Spam Comments

Time to sort out Instagram… The spammers are going down!






10 Amazing Tips On How To Be A Stereotypical Douchebag Traveller


Want to know how to be a douchebag traveler look no further





38 Adult Beach Puns- These Beaching Travel Puns For Instagram

Adult Beach Puns


These jokes are the same as the Australian puns with the levels of extreme banter! So Just a warning.






Adult Backpacker And Travelling Puns – The all-flight Puns for Instagram

Adult Travel Puns


Just like all the Puns Before it and After it… I start nice! THEN BOOM you don’t know how travel got so dirty





Stupid Bucket List & Funny Travel Challenges

Bucket list and stupid travel list


So extremely weird ideas you might want to adapt and put on your own list






Let Talk About Wanky Bloggers: Are All Bloggers Dicks?

Story of a Wanky Travel Blogger



My first encounter with a Travel Blogger





Why I Hate Tourists – Why They Die On Holiday

Why I hate Tourists


The reason why Tourists can be idiots and why they die on holiday!






Funny Travel Memes



My top 10 best travel memes!





Articles for newbies and wannabee travelers

How To Tell Your Boss You’re Leaving To Travel

How To Tell Your Boss You're Leaving To Travel


All the advice you need to tell your boss you quit






This Year You Will Travel (More)  Not Just Say You Will

Do it today not this year


Get the balls and travel, I know it can be hard… but I make it easy!






How To Travel But You Can’t Save Money – How To Save Money To Travel

How to save money to travel the world


Learn how to save to travel, without the bull







Everything You Need To Know About Hostels (Backpackers)

A-Z on Hostels

Not sure what to expect for a hostel check out this!






How To Quit Your Job And Travel The World- Before You Die

How to quit your job and travel


You’re going to die, Travel  before it happens






Travelling Will Change The World – Everyone Should Travel



This is why everyone should travel in their lifetime!






How To Use Travel To Get You A Job Back Home

Use Travel to get you a job back home


Worried about your future if you decide to go traveling? Don’t worry anymore, I’ve got you, bro.






Which Bunk Is Better? How To Get The Best Bunk In A Hostel

what bunk is better in a hostel


Which is better the top or the bottom bunk?






Travel Teaches You About Money – Why Travel Is Important

what travel teaches you about money


Why Everyone should travel as it is the best teacher for money






The Struggles Of Hostels

10 Problems with Hostels


Want to know what you’re getting yourself into, read this before your first hostel room






The Travel Book That Travels- Book Tracker

book tracker


Want to see how far book travel from hostel to hostel?






The Travel Gamble Technique: See The World For *Free



This could be a very simple way for you to travel more… and not spending any more






My rules for life 10 Rules I Live By

10 rules i Live by


Want to know what keeps me going? how you can make your own rules






The Best Travelling Book Ever

Best Travel Book Ever


Do you want to hear a story about how I changed my life by starting a life of travel? All about Backpacks To Beer Taps our own book!






Perfect and Simple Gifts For Any Traveller – 101 Gifts They Need!



An Epic list of 101 items and gift ideas for travelers, Just a heads up not all the items are tested by the FSG team in this article but use it as a guide on what kind of items to buy.





10 Amazing Ways To Travel And Not Give Up Work

Don't quit your job and travel


Don’t quit your job, travel without leaving your job







Articles for travelers

How to Keep A Relationship When Travelling- Keep The Romance

Travel and Relationships


Travel and Relationships don’t mix…Or does it?






How Have Sex In A Hostel – Where Are The Best Places

Where to have sex in a hostel


Sex it’s only natural…Lets me be your sex guru






How to cook in a hostel: Stress-free

Stress free cooking at a hostel


Want to know how to cook in the hostel without losing your rag! (And finding tea towels) read this






What To Do For Christmas When You Travel – Missing Home

Christmas when travelling


Christmas and Traveling can be extremely hard!






Traveling 24/7 with your other half!

Working and Traveling


Is it hell? what can you do to make life better?






10 Things To Do When You’re Bored And Travelling

bored When Traveling


How to stop yourself being bored when you travel!






Best Songs For A Road Trip Playlist 2019

Music for a Road Trip


want some banging tunes?






10 Things You Will Miss When Traveling

Things you will miss when traveling


10 things you will miss about home






Articles for the more expert travelers/ Inbetween Travel

Struggling To Keep The Traveling Bug When You Stuck At Home



Tips to keep you feeling like a traveler!







The Art Of Sleeping On Couches – The Unglorified Side Of Travel

The Art of Couch Surfing


It can be hard getting back from traveling!






How To Keep Traveling When You Have Nothing Left

To give up on your travels or not


Many people get to a stage of travel where they have to make the choice to keep going or giving up, let me help you choose.






How To Deal With Losing Your Independence After Traveling



Stressful and annoying times are ahead after traveling!






The Reasons Why Travel Makes You Feel Stupid

stupid travel


Does travel make you feel stupid?






I’m Scared To Go Home After Traveling – How to deal with this!

Scared to go home after travelling?


Why I was scared to go home after spending 2 years in Australia






The Balance Working VS Travelling- How To Tip The Scales

work vs Travel


Want to travel more, and work less… Here is how to tip the scales






Travel And End Game – My 1.6 Million Pound End Game

Have an End Game


How having an end game can help you to travel!