Desert island parody

Desert Island Parody – Getting Washed Up In OZ

Desert island parody

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Day 1

After crashing down on this island on April the 5th! A lot has happened to me and Taylor.

We luckily hit down on the islands biggest settlement, we find out after a while we wasn’t the 1st people who have landed here. It turned out there was more of us off the plane than locals . After talking to a couple of the locals they explained there is more locals in the smaller settlements than this place they called Sydney.

We went on the search for food and water and help in a small place south of Sydney called Cringila. The locals acted very different here, even sounded like they spoke another language. They was mostly friendly, and they even let me help out in the watering hole. This was not to everyones delight, especially when I got promoted to cheif supervisor to the water hole, this was because people had been drinking here longer than I have been alive and didn’t like my limitations on the water. Taylor also helped out at the watering hole and we lived on site.

After a while everything seemed to run smoothly here and everyone was happy. But unfortunately me and Taylor was told by the chief of the island if we wanted to stay we must help out in the fields, and bring food to the people.

The only problem was the fields was on the other side of the island, a long pilgrimage away. Going there would put a lot of stress on own resources which we had saved up over the 1st 243 days. But we knew we only had to do 88 days …

It was day 243

We headed on this pilgrimage from the little settlement called Cringila, to another small settlement called Albany.

We had to travel through a lot of places and saw a lot of strange things, including the local wildlife. They had some things here unlike any place I have seen before, they was big rat looking things that seemed to jump and around a lot . There was a mixed opinion of these animals. some say it’s the national animal of the island and some say it’s a pest and we should hunt and kill them all. ( I have tried one of the animals, there not bad tasting. It’s better than there local delicately Tim Tam)

When on our pilgrimage we went pass some amazing settlements, like Melbourne and Adelaide . We also when pass the village that the island chief lives called Canberra, I didnt really appreciate village, bit boring.

The hardest thing about the travel was the fact we had go through the desert ( which this island was made manly up of). We was running out of resources too, by the end of the desert we was out of resources completely , but luckily a shipment had arrived which me and Taylor took full advantage of . This helped us make our way to Albany.

Day 253

We arrived at Albany and arrived at the fields . We was lucky as we was able to stay at the chief elders home which wasn’t to far from the fields The elders looked after us and made sure we was feed every night.

The elders showed us around Albany and showed us some of the local settlements. Denmark and Mount Barker. When vising Mount Barker we came across the chief cook and he cooked us up some of his famous recipe.(I didn’t think he was all that good)

The work in the fields was backbreaking work. We met up with other survivors and some of them couldn’t do the field work, which meant at the year of there year they would be extradited. Me and Taylor suffered through the work. After the 88 days was complete we wanted to continue to help other villages out with there field work .

This was a mistake when arriving at a place called Gingin we was promised lots of resources. (At this point we was nearly out ) and this was all lies.

This put us in a bad situation, making us move to closed big settlement, called Perth . There was found somewhere to live but unfortunately no where to get resources and we only have enough to live on for another week.

Today is 397

I have a talk to the local chief of the watering hole to see if I can help him out in trade for resources. So wish me luck …

To be continued…


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