Cringila hostel

The Cringila Hotel -How Working In A Titty Bar Changed My Life!

The Cringila Hotel

Before I tell you why the Cringila hotel changed my life, let me explain what the Cringila hostel is. Crinny as the locals call it is known for pokies (gambling machines, Alcohol and most importantly Tittys)

Basic Details of the Cringila Hotel

Opening Times: 10 AM – 4 AM (Mon-Sat) 11 AM-Midnight (Sun)

Address: 87-93 Five Islands Rd, Cringila NSW 2502, Australia

Costs of drinks: One of the cheapest in the area

Cringila hotel

The flower on the bar was given to one of the staff members by a customer

How I up working there

I must have told this story a million times so let me just summarise it quickly for you.

  1. Go Australia
  2. Helpmate do some gardening at someone’s house
  3. Turns out he owns pub… need to bartenders
  4. Work there- Not knowing it has strip shows and topless waitress’

My 1st day/s

Instead of just rewriting Chapter 12 in Backpacks To Beer Taps  

You can just listen to my reading of it!

If you want to know more about our life-changing travel story check out:

Why The Cringila Hotel changed my life

I never worked in a pub before, In fact up until that moment never worked in hospitality. Its a common phrase ‘That you should do at least one job in hospitality in your life’ because you learn so much about people and you learn a new respect for people working in hospitality.

There is nothing like jumping in the deep-end than working a Friday night in a pub that does strip shows, the topless waitress’ and asks you to call out the meat raffles to guys telling to “Speak English C**t” That day I learned so much in so little time. I had no other choice, no money or no other job to go back to, I didn’t even have enough for a plane home.

Glad I had no other choice

little do people know during my 1st couple of weeks there, I had a calming spray with me to help we talk to customers and just not be so nervous. Some reason when talking to anyone knew I would take shallow breathes before and during talking, This was something I could not control.

During my time there this got better and so did my people skills, So much so I got promoted to Supervisor when the new company took over. Which came as quite a shock to me and the other staff, even some of the customers.

This place gave me an opportunity, to get my voice. without that happening, I wouldn’t be able to do have the things I do today!

Great memory

The place was a really fun place to work and just hang out there, I have lots of stories of this places (I will tell them in later blogs don’t worry), so good and some bad. Overall this place has a local feel to it. This made it quite sad to move on from, we left a lot a good people behind… most of them still there!

Taylor tells her thoughts on working in a titty bar (with me)

It was certainly an interesting way to get into my first job behind a bar!
We had been staying in Hostels in Sydney when Sean got a couple shifts down at the pub. He suspiciously said we would go out for dinner after staying down at the pub for a day or two and insisted we go out. Once we got there his confession was that he was working in a “Titty Bar”. Not sure what sort of reaction he was expecting but we found it hilarious and it wasn’t long before we moved in down there and I was working behind the bar too.

I like to think working there wasn’t much different to any other bar. The girls came in on Thursdays and Fridays and exactly the sort of clientele you might expect to roll up in the bar did exactly that.

The girls at the Cringlia Hotel

I could not do what the girls had to do. Taking drinks to dodgy street corner looking blokes all night or playing pool with them. Still, they seemed happy enough bar the odd occassion where a girl would come in the bar to hide and management would remove the offending bloke!
I imagine it’s not much different to working in any bar, you just see a bit more nipple than you might do usually on a weekly basis!

 Thank you for reading

I would really recommend visiting the Cringila Hotel and If you have recently, make sure you leave me a comment and let me know if its anygood with out me working there.

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