Did You Know?

All creators in the travel industry are travelers too.

This means: They watch, read and listen to other creators too.

Chances are your main audience is other travel creators.

Why Promote With FSG Travels

Are you bored with promoting yourself to people that just don’t care?

Our main goal at FSG Travels is to be the home hub of the best travel content by actual travelers.

We do this by allowing content creators to express themselves and show off to the world.

There are many different ways that creators can promote themselves via FSG Travels.

But you don’t have to stick to your chosen field of creativity. For example, you may be a vlogger but that doesn’t stop you giving travel advice in an article format for FSG Travels

If you are wanting to write in article format then click here

If you are wanting to make a video for our YouTube Page click here

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How does giving your creative time and content to FSG Travels help you gain anything?

Well, we will NEVER charge you to promote your stuff.
It’s a “you scratch our back we scratch yours”, method of promotion.

As you are spending your time and effort on creating content for us. we will help promote your own personal content on our site by giving you a profile that you can link your own websites, Social media, product…etc

As well as a profile you get a link of your choice at the end of every piece of content you make for FSG Travels as well as a link to your profile.

We want FSG Travels to be the main source of traffic for your own personal content. If we can do this for you, your more likely to add more content to our site…. See the circle here?

Why do we want so much content?

We want to change the shape of how travel creators are seen. Everyone on the panel are creators too… The more we help you, the more it helps us.