Cologne Cathedral (Köln Dom) – How To Prepare Yourself

Cologne Cathedral (Köln Dom)

You need to prepare yourself before you head to Cologne and see the wonderful sights of the Cathedral. This isn’t just because of the beauty of the Cathedral but if you are planning to see it all there are a couple of steps you will need to do before you go!

Basic Infomation of the Cologne Cathedral (Köln Dom)

Address: Domkloster 4, 50667 Köln, Germany

Location: Outside Cologne Cathedral Station (Cologne HBF)

Cost: Free– 4 Euros (To Visit the tower)

Koln Cologne Dom Cathedral

Cologne Cathedral, The South Tower Ascension(Turmbesteigung – Südturm des Kölner domes)

The breathtaking views are not the only thing that takes away your breath. If you are thinking about visiting the tower which I highly recommend, you should be ok with small spaces, heights and lots and lots of steps. ( I personally don’t have problems with small spaces but at one point I was worried due to the fact I felt very isolated)

I would love to show you some of the photos of the tiny staircase that takes ages to climb but unfortunately, The photos inside of the cathedral are not allowed for public use, but for private use. But it isn’t strongly enforced so if you are really wanting to see them, other places online (probably Instagram).

You will have to take my word for the inside of the tower being very tight. Passing each other on the staircase is can be dangerous. I wouldn’t recommend doing this on a hot day as it would make it 10 times worse to climb. There are 533 steps to climb and can take 10 minutes to get to the top. The next day your legs probably will ache. The top of the Cathedral is at 157.31 meters but the viewing platform is at 97.25 meters.

The view at the top is really worth the hike if you can stomach the heights and small spaces. You can see the whole of Cologne, The Lovelock Bridge, and the River Rhine. It’s the best lookout in the whole of Cologne.

How to prepare for the tower

  • Pack Water
  • Go for a pre-wee (toilets next to entry)
  • Be Rested
  • Don’t Plan to walk much the next day (If unfit)
  • Pack a Camera, and batteries

Cologne Cathedral

The Inside of the Cathedral

Yet again no picture from me, as I’m a good boy and I follow and respect the cathedral. But what can you aspect when you go inside?

Well its very poorly lit but I think this is for many reasons like; bringing out the incredible stain glass as well as not damaging stuff inside with light.

You will see a lot of very detailed structures and paintings, even the floor is highly decorated. One good thing about the Cathedral is the fact it is free to enter, unlike the tower which was 4 euros. There are many places to donate if you wish.

What can you do you to prepare yourself for the inside of the Cathedral

You need to make sure you feel yourself with information, as yes there is an information brochure inside the Cathedral (1 euro) but you really should learn before you head inside as it will make the experience 100 times better. The more you know the more you will understand, for example, the length of time it took to build the Cathedral is 632 years and It has enough maintenance work for all year round and never ever finished.

Here are a couple of websites to visit;

Other things you need to think about before heading into the Cathedral is making sure you are dressed ok, no short or reviling clothes and take off hats and hoods. There isn’t a dress code as such and you don’t have to cover your head, but it’s about looking respectful. I personally had a coat and jeans.

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