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Why should you collaborate with me

Collaborate with me the funny backpacker

why should you collaborate with me? Because I’m dam awesome! I have funny travel related content and can work with a range of different people due to the travel niche being so open.

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Why you shouldn’t collaborate with me

Lets kick this off why you shouldn’t collaborate with me.

  • If your not travel related or want a travel audience
  • You have no sense of humour (or extremely professional)
  • You can’t bring anything to the table

That is all


Why you should collaborate we me

I’m always looking for bloggers, companies and random people to collaborate with.

  • Great following on funny content
  • Good record of collaborations
  • Straight to the point
  • Happy to collaborate with the right people
  • Nearly 10k following
  • Available on most social medias
  • I share most my collaborations on all social medias
  • Like to do things in new and interesting ways
  • Happy to bring things to the table
  • Happy to give advice where needed
  • I make time for collaborations
  • I commit to collaborations

How to collaborate with me

  1. Know what you want to collab on (or at least have an idea, hows it going to be done and how can I help and what do I get from helping you?( read this blog on how to collaborate if your unsure on what to do )
  2. Email me (explaining your idea) or contact me on this website 
  3. Wait for to respond (with a yes or counter offer)
  4. Then bam … Collaboration (or not)

What types of things have I already collaborated on


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