Christmas when travelling

What To Do For Christmas When You Travel – Missing Home

What to do for Christmas While Traveling

Christmas is the time of year for seeing family, friends and just being at home. So how can you survive Christmas when traveling? In this article, I will give you the positives and negatives of Christmas when traveling. As well as giving you tips on making Christmas when you travel as fun as possible!

The positives of traveling on Christmas

Even though there are so many negatives with traveling around Christmas time there are many great things that come from Christmas away from home.

Embracing other  cultures and Ideas of Christmas

Take time learning how other cultures spend and celebrate it (or don’t depending on the country). During this time of the year, people seem to be more welcoming and friendly. You can learn a lot in this time, what more is traveling more than learning about others!

You can make it a time to learn more about the countries religion and take part in their tradition and teach (If they want to know) about yours.

Christmas on the beach

In a hot country? Why not head to the beach for Christmas, There is something extremely weird about this but something everyone should try at least once!

Proper snow on Christmas

In a cold Country? Head to the mountains… Snow for Christmas, what’s better than that?

Annoying family member?

Oh no you can’t see that family member because you are traveling

Christmas with new people

Spend Christmas with new people, share Christmas stories!

Dislike Christmas or spending money on Christmas presents?

Don’t have to take part in it! You don’t need to buy gifts if your not in the country. Who says travel can’t save you money!

The negatives of Travelling on Christmas

Of course, there are many big issues with traveling over Christmas. In case this is your 1st Christmas away you need to read on!

Not being at home with family and friends

This is the top negative about traveling, Christmas is time spent with family and friends.

Something never feels like Christmas when you are traveling

It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, It’s the Christmas you remember as a kid so it’s not the real Christmas.


This is the biggest warning! most people book flights home around Christmas because it attracts homesickness. You might think you made pass Christmas but around 28th of December, you will be looking at flights home. Then you missed Christmas and your home, lose, lose!

Christmas and Travel, Christmas in Australia

Summer wear and Christmas don’t mix

Tips of how to make the most of Christmas and traveling

Try and get a flight home

Recommend to go home if possible. Yes, this might seem like a weird tip, but if you are thinking about it now you won’t last! Better to go home for Christmas rather than just after.

Others are in the same boat as you

So many travelers are doing the same so you will be able to plan something with them, Make a Christmas you will never forget!

Places will hold events for you!

Many hostels and places understand travelers are alone for Christmas, find them, join them!

Make it like home

Make a Christmas dinner as you do at home, open your presents the same way and go for that Christmas walk.


Talk to family back home! Due to the time difference, you get to have Christmas before or after them, which is always fun to talk about.

Don’t stress out

Its one day of the year and there will be many more Christmases, Next year make sure you see everyone.


Christmas And Travel

My face when Australia tries to do Christmas

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