Struggles of cars in oz

The Problems With Australian Cars

The Problems With Australian cars

The many issues with Australian cars can be found in this post but please remember with every one of my struggles there is lot of positives like road trips and getting around. 
Australian cars

Finding a car

This is a problem for many backpackers due to the fact not having a clue what to look for with cars and the Rego. So, make sure you research what counts a good car, so you don’t get ripped off.


So, you think a car from the 1999’s would be cheap and not cost over $2000 dollars, but it does… fucking shitty cars. This is just a warning for you guys thinking you grab a cheap car and do a road trip across Australia.  

Different states different taxes

So, if you are travelling states and your car needs tax, this is a massive fucking inconvenient so much  if it’s an old car it may be worth scraping (like my car)

Researching what Rego, requires in your states

Because in certain states its not necessary to get your car checked once a year. Which means you could be buying a piece of shit, or the people are only selling it because it won’t pass its next pink slip! So beware!

200,000 is not a lot of km’s

The cars last longer than they do in Europe due to the fact the winters don’t kill the car. So, trying to work a good mileage out here is fucking hard.

 green slips and other slips

Is insurance necessary? Look this up beforehand (depends on states)  

Driving and police

Break the speed limit, there hiding in a bush … fucked … don’t indicate, there undercover … fucked. The police have 0 tolerance to shit heads … actually, I guess this one is a good thing.

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