Want to travel but you can't

How To Travel When You Can’t Travel

How to travel when you can’t travel

Seeing the same 4 walls is starting to eat you up inside, I know the feeling, I think everyone does. You want to see the world, but your stuck working or have no money. This is my tips on how to travel when you can’t travel.

You’re stuck to a fixed location, the 4 walls might be work, home, uni …etc or a multiple of these places. You have a routine where you leave the house and arrive at work and the only bit of the world you might see is that coffee shop with the same faces ( probably stand in the same queue behind the same people) It’s not the fact you can’t travel that’s killing you. it’s your routine. “A routine is a killer of all dreams“. Sean Brett (philosophical writer)

The 1st thing that came to your mind when I said that was ” I can’t quit my job”. You can but that’s an article for another day when you learned to grow some balls ( don’t want to be considered as sexist some lady balls if that’s your case). I’m actually talking about the smaller stuff and how changing this daily will help. Imagine your routine was your food intake. Porridge oats for breakfast, ham salad sandwich for lunch and chicken potato and 2 vegs for dinner. Eating this every day would not kill you (it might, I’m not a dietitian) but after a month or two, you might want to kill yourself! Changing your house, job, uni would be like changing your meal plan but then eating this until you change jobs… Again. “Traveling is like having a different meal every daySean Brett (Travel Guru).

But this blog is for the guys who can’t travel

How do I advise changing your food intake … One meal at a time. How to change the small stuff Do you buy a coffee in the way to work? Leave a bit earlier try a different coffee shop. Might seem like nothing. Try going to a different shop every day until you run out and then do the loop again. This is the same as adding strawberry jam to your porridge one day and then fruit then raspberry jam but sometimes you might come across peanut butter. This could be a great experience or a terrible one… But you only know if you try. “That’s great but that’s not going change my LifeYou (whiny bitch)

You never know what could happen!

You might just bump into an old school friend, that just broke up with his misses and need to get away. At that moment he has a mid-life crisis and pays for a round the world trip for the 2 of you, Where you say fuck it and go! The next thing you know your in Algeria where you find out your life’s passion … belly dancing.

Yes unlikely but makes small changes raises your chances.


Me making a small change

Port beach Fremantle

Me Practising what I peach.

I was actually getting bored of being in Australia due to the fact I working 24/7 to set up more traveling and I was stuck in an Area that I love (Fremantle) But getting tired of not seeing more (can’t travel). So I went out for a walk, 6 hours later I got home with a tan and 4 new blog ideas (including this one), Amazing pictures (see these In later blogs) and just one awesome day!


How can you make small changes in your life? When you have no life?

Here is a couple of tips to save you from the boredom of life;

  • lunch breaks take a walk, each day go a different route
  • Use your weekends(days off) Wisely … See new things
  • Start talking to strangers( I did this while writing this article on the beach in Australia, my phone died and I had to ask a stranger for the time we got chatting turns out they are from Essex England too! (This story didn’t end with me learning belly dancing though)
  • Get a hobby or join a club
  • Change how you travel to and from work. (maybe cycle)
  • Get on a train and get off at a stop you always just go past
  • Get Lost
  • Think of your own ideas (what am I, Your mother?)


Two things will happen after changing the small Stuff

One you will find new routines, new favorite places and express new love your place or job.

Two It will change your life a give you the option to do something different!

Either way, you no longer bored and now you know what to do if you get bored again.


Thanks for reading

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