Cafe Vespa -Unlikely Ubud, Bali Tourist Hotspot

Cafe Vespa Review UBud Bali

Cafe Vespa Review

Want to try Balinese cooking but your extremely fussy? Don’t worry Cafe Vespa is for you! This article is a review on cafe Vespa by The Funny Backpacker. I will be explaining why I enjoyed my many trips to Cafe Vespa

Disclaimer: This Review is all opinions and isn’t paid or sponsored. Please make up your own opinions.

Basic Infomation

Hours: 8am-10pm Daily

Address: Jalan Raya Penestanan Kaja, Sayan, Ubud, Sayan, Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80571, Indonesia

Cafe Vespa Bali

Overall Rating

4 out of 5 stars 

Super friendly with a great atmosphere. The meals and drinks are great tastings and the staff will be as welcoming as possible!

The only reason it didn’t make 5 out of 5 was the fact its priced a little higher than most in Bali but still cheaper than most countries cafes.

I would recommend this place to friends and family and anyone that wants the Bali experience without going too far out of their comfort zone.

The Food

Being a Cafe/ Restaurant this place has a massive range of different foods. The foods are perfect for tourists and travelers because they are very mixed for different cuisines. The waitstaff and chefs are more than happy for you to edit the menu, take off and swap different foods too.

We visited Cafe Vespa many times during our stay in Bali and never had a bad meal! Event he time power went out they kept taking orders and making great food!

Takeaways are available which is awesome!

Cafe Vespa Adi Ari Ubud Bali mains

Pesto, Pasta with bacon and Potato Skillet with vegs, eggs. So tasty!

Cafe Vespa Adi Ari Ubud Bali Dessert

Chocolate Delight (far) Carrot cake and Ice cream (close)


The Drinks

Again due to the fact it is a Cafe/Resturant, The menu is for drinks are massive here. Coffees to Cocktails. Fresh fruit juices, coke, and milkshakes.

The drinks are awesome and again, ask and you may receive, vodka and coke aren’t on the menu but they are happy to make you one.

Cafe Vespa Bali

Cafe Vespa’s Drink Menu

Cafe Vespa Adi Ari Ubud Bali drinks

Bintang Radler(far) Gin and Tonic (close)

The Entertainment

It is a small Bar/restaurant/cafe… But at certain times of the week, they have great live music.

  • Wednesday – Jazz
  • Saturday – World Music

I’m not a fan of live music when eating but It’s not too in your face and makes a lovely night.

Cafe Vespa Bali

World Music Night

The Tourists

This is place is defiantly not the cheapest place in the whole of Bali, It might be rather more than your normal cafe in Bali. As this is the case it rarely has locals dining in this restaurant. But this place is normally very popular with tourists.

The Staff

The staff are super friendly and have very good English which means ordering and asking for things can be extremely easy.

One night I wanted a Gin and Tonic to go… They didn’t even question it!

Cafe Vespa Bali

My take away Gin and Tonic

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  1. They have you the best service, because you’re westerns. But, if you’re Indonesians, different! They’re racism. They think Indonesians who come there, no money. It is my experience there. Enough for me to be there.

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