Coco Cafe

An Actual Irish Cafe In Galway – Non Touristy

Coco Cafe Galway

Are you looking for a decent place for breakfast in Galway but bored of all the super touristy places? Where can you get a real Irish breakfast without the lephrocanny things? Well, ask no more questions I have you covered.

When you travel it can be great to go to all the touristy places but sometimes it’s nice just to have so good food and go where the locals go. This place in Galway in is called Coco Cafe.

Coco Cafe

Basic details

Name: Coco Cafe Shop St

Premise: Cafe

Address: 12 Shop St, Galway, H91 R623, Ireland

Price: Budget

Why should you go to the coco cafe?

With all the great places to visit in Galway, Is the Coco cafe even worth your very little time?

If you are looking something different then maybe this isn’t the place for you. But if you are looking for great simple food then you should really think about heading to Coco Cafe. This is the place where the tradies go.

The cafe is a lot bigger than it looks from the outside, Lots of chairs and tables. One thing you will you might find is the fact this place can get quite busy and when it does the tables can be a bit close for some.

Food and Drink

I had a full Irish breakfast here with a pot of tea for one and the price came to less than 10 euros

Coco Cafe Shop St Galway

2 sausages, 2 bacon, toast, black pudding, beans and pot of tea

All the food was perfectly cooked, not gourmet but what would you expect.

Takeaways coffee and juices are available if you are in a rush too.


The service in this cafe is top class. Even though you will be eating in a place where the locals go, you are still made to feel welcome.

The staff here all friendly and helpful. Personally, I was in a rush and needed to have food and drink done fast and the didn’t they was more than helpful.

Coco Cafe Shop St Galway

Inside the Cafe

My review

I loved my time at the Coco Cafe it was a refreshing change to the overly touristy things I had been doing while on my trip to Ireland. It was nice not to go to another pub or someplace that wasn’t green. I would recommend this place and give it 3.5 out of 5 stars.

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