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How to Plan A Budget Trip To Germany – Cologne (From England)

Budget Trip to Cologne

2 nights in Cologne from England for £125 ( € 140) sounds too good to be true, You must be thinking I am cutting a lot of corners for that price. But I am not and I will be teaching you how to make these saving for your own travels(And ways to make this cheaper than £125). For this Price, I will be going from my house taking a bus to the airport, flying to Cologne, Getting a train to the Hostel and staying to 2 nights then home the same way.

In this Article, I will be giving all the tips and websites I used to make this possible. As well as opening your mind to a cheaper way of traveling so you can think of alternative ways of travel.

England to Germany Cheap

Getting to the Airport (UK Side)

Getting to the airport from your house in England can be the most expensive part of the whole thing. This was nearly my most expensive part. Braintree to Stansted return £38. Crazy to think of the fact a flight can be cheaper than a 16-mile journey by bus.

The options to save you money to go to the airport

  • Train
  • Bus
  • Hire a car
  • Park at the airport
  • Taxi
  • The cheapest option: Lift ( If you have willing friends or family)

My option

Traveling from Braintree to Stansted is a 16-mile journey and the due to the fact my flight out to Germany is at 7 AM (with Airport arrival time being before 4 AM ) some of the Options above are limited.

I was offered a lift from family but I refused due to hassle for them early in the morning and the second reason being I want to do a review on the National Express who I am taking the bus with.

The National Express Bus from Braintree to Stansted Return Cost me £38 due to paying for flexible tickets, where If I  booked set times I would have saved an extra £10 bring my total Trip cost to £115.

Other Options Worth thinking about

Trains- If you are planning to leave your house after 5 Am ( But not massive fans of trains you can read that here)

Taxis- Great for lots of baggage or large group ( splitting this cost can be the most cost-effective way for groups)

Hire a car- Better if you can drop it off at the airport and pick up another one home.

Parking – If you have your own car- book before for cheaper parking

lift- Family and Friends- cost is a good souvenir


This is the winner or the loser for your whole trip. For me, this is where I saved the most! Out of season flying is the best. See the sights without the people! There are two really good ways to get cheap flights like mine (£20 return) One is The Travel Gamble Technique -See The World For *Free the second is the last minute or picking the cheapest place flying.

Ethier way for the exact trip I am going on will cost from £20-£40 return due to the fact it is out of season. (I checked the flight prices a week before flying and they only went up to £40.

But Beware there are hidden costs! The more your unaware of these costs the more it will cost you!

Hidden costs for my flights.

  • My £2o return ticket only had a small bag for hand luggage ( a handbag size) no carry-on. The cost to fix this was Nearly £10 each way. (£20 total) I now have 10 kg carry-on
  • I can’t print my boarding pass until two prior to flying. Fine for the outward journey, not so good for the return as I’m not sure where to print boarding passes. The failure to print boarding pass’ prior to flying can cost you more money. To avoid this I had to purchase to choose my seat for the return for €4 for early check-in. Still, have to 2 prior for my outward journey

These costs changed my £20 flight to nearly £44 beware of this if flying with a cheap airline like Ryanair like myself.

But if you are looking for where to find these cheap flights Kayak is the best place I have personally found. Due to the open searches. You don’t have to add a date or a location you can just press explore and play around with the app or websites settings to match you the best.

Train From Airport to Hostel

This is the reason why I settled on Cologne, Accessibility. After a quick Google search, I quickly worked out Cologne’s airport has its own train station, with direct links to Cologne center. That’s a win for me. Cheap travel to and from the airport! €2.70 each way to be exact ( from what my badly translated websites tell me).

Around 20 minutes by car and train… The perfect distance!


Accommodation is another killer of your money. A Quote from my mum and everyone’s mum who knows there child is about to stay in a hostel “Wouldn’t a cheap hotel be better than a hostel, wouldn’t you feel safer, You have to share a room with 7 other people!”

Well, I disagree, Hostels are amazing fun is the heart of travel! If you have never stayed in a hostel or you are worried about your child staying in one check out this information: Everything You Need To Know About Hostels (Backpackers).

Well after doing some Googling on reviews I found the top rated hostel for my location (near the Cologne center) Pathpoint cologne Backpackers which I booked with Hostel World (see link). I find Hostel World A great place to find hostels for a really good price.

I bagged the two nights for €42.84 Which wasn’t the cheapest place around.

After looking at the hostel before heading there, all the rooms and they were all fully booked. Mad for January


  • Return Bus to Airport £38 (€42.65)- You could take off £10 if you were certain on times
  • Flights £44 (€49.38)- Take off £24 if you didn’t need a bag and could print tickets both sides
  • Train to Cologne and back (£4.80) €5.40
  • Hostel (£38.17) €42.84- Prices under €40 for different hostels

Total price: £124.97 (€140.27)

saver Price: £88.44 (€99.26)

Ultra Saver (Mate taking you to the airport): £60.44 (€67.83)

Thanks for reading!

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