Bucket list and stupid travel list

Stupid Bucket List & Funny Travel Challenges

Stupid bucket list and funny travel challenges

You probably have your own bucket list, If not, why not? They are a great way of planning and helps you set goals  But Unlike many, I have some funny travel challenges that I want to complete too! This list Is a range of epic travel challenges that I have heard about, and stupid Ideas that pop into my head and I think its a good idea! (It’s normally a stupid one)

The reason why I decided to write this blog is that, during a low in my life, Me and 3 friends decided to write a group bucket list. The bucket list is built up of things that we want to experience or have experienced and thought the others in the group should try too. The aim of the list was to complete it as a group, we didn’t all have to complete the tasks but between us, we had to complete them all. The last one of the 4 of us left alive has to finish the list. My aim was to get the list to 1000 items ( It currently stands at 297) but we have not spoken about this list in years… So while my own travel bucket list I will update our group one too.

Before crack on with my bucket list and challenges, I want to state I will be updating the list with new ideas all the time as well as linking you to the blog where I complete these epic tasks.

My Epic (But Stupid) Travel Bucket List

I want to travel the world in under a year.

The Guinness book of records :

Fastest time to visit all sovereign countries (male)held By Yili Liu is 3 years 3 months 6 days.  (194 countries)

Fastest time to visit all sovereign countries (female) held by CASSANDRA DE PECOL  1 year and 193 days (195 countries)

PS I have applied to attempt this challenge with the Guinness book of records! (2021)

Update- I have since been approved for this massive and epic challenge and if you want to keep up to date on my journey this blog is for you!

I want to see every city in England

This one might seem a little bit simple after the last one… but I want to do this in a month.

There is 69(haha) cities in the UK and 51 of these are in England. Seeing 51 cities within a 28 day month would be 1.8 cities a day isn’t a major challenge but its a fun month!

See every state in America

No time span on this just be nice to see them all

Complete Appalachian Trail

Its about 2,200 miles in length and the Appalachian Trail is about the same size.

Never hiked before in my life. Wouldn’t know where to start…but how cool would it be to walk that far across America!

Went on Matty Wander’s podcast and he inspired this one!

Visit all Australian states

same again as the American states, no time limit. Just be good to see them all!

Seen most of them when we traveled from Sydney to Albany in a car but there is a couple more we need to see.

Skydive, bungee jump, and swim with sharks

All on the same day, The most extreme day ever. This day is call testing fate and I want to try it!

Making a travel parody in Saudi Arabia

This possibly could be the stupidest thing on the list, If you haven’t seen my Parodies check out my Instagram @fsgtravels 

Travel meme parody

Just having the above image on my phone could get me in trouble, so I would have to make a tasteful photo!

Find a restaurant that the man vs food beat in America then beat it myself!

Adam Richman can beat why can’t I? Well, there is a few of problems with this challenge… One its a challenge! Two Its in America (so finding the places will be hard enough)

But its already been a while since the Adam Richman era of the show (2012) last aired and I want to parody his challenge! So the fact-finding a restaurant still doing the same challenge is going to be harder will every day passing

Go from Portugal to Russia (Start with no money)

I want to land in Portugal with 10 items (probably very similar items to my challenge)

Travel from Portugal to Russia with no money and 10 items and get to Russia ( in a massive challenge based travel) I haven’t thought the logistic of it quite yet but it could be a good way of showing people how to make enough money to travel

Help people that have no way of travel, travel.

This might be setting something up in an underdeveloped country, Or helping one person see the world… This is undecided yet, but its a pretty awesome thing seeing the world and I think more should be doing it and have the opportunity too it.

Inspire someone to change there life by travel

This, like above is a goal for me. If someone was to message me saying ‘I traveled and changed my life because of you’ (and mean it) That’s kinda my biggest goal!

I Really believe in the fact that travel can change your life. If you want to know the details behind this check out Travelling Will Change The World – Everyone Should Travel

See the northern lights

I want to see the Northen lights in Iceland, but seeing them would just be pretty awesome!

Be dropped off in a random city in Europe in just my pants

Similar to traveling from Portugal to Russia with just 10 items. This one is a little more extreme, due not being able to plan, not know where I am, speak the language or use 10 items to get more items. I get dropped off in a random city in Europe with nothing but my underwear and I have to get back home.

Have a holiday home in a foreign country

Bit of simple one compared to some on the list.

Have sex in every continent

Why the fuck not? See what I did there?

Learn how to say fuck in 10 different languages

I’m up to 5 already and know how to swear in 8 … I better crack on with this!

Have 100,000 followers on Instagram

Something you can help me with! Make sure you follow me on Instagram for so extremely funny photos @fsgtravels

Have a million views a month on this website

Planning to smash this within the next couple of years

Thanks for reading

As I said before I will keep updating this blog, and be making some more amazing blogs from travels to more of my travel thoughts but until then, Check out Australian Working Holiday Visa – Everything You Need To Know

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