Brighton Museum & Art Gallery – Is it Worth The Price?

Brighton Museum & Art Gallery- Review

Brighton Museum And Art Gallery get the FSG Travels treatment. We spent time and money having a look around the Museum to give you this review! Just like every other review, it’s our own personal opinions and doesn’t mean you will have the same experiences as us! As a second disclaimer: “I’m not the biggest fan of some modern art”

Basic details: 

Address: 12A Pavilion Parade, Brighton BN1 1EE

Opening times: 10 Am – 5 PM(Tue-Sun)

Closed (Monday)

Price: £5:20 (Adult Standard rate)


Brighton Museum & Art Gallery

View looking out of the floor above

The strange mix of the Museum and Art

The layout of the building is very strange. One room you are looking at Ancient Egypt sarcophagus the next room you are Looking at a fake penis. This mix can be quite confusing but it does make it a little more interesting. It also has Ancient Egypt rooms split up which is annoying but they use the space as best as possible.

Brighton Museum & Art Gallery has two floors and is quite easy to navigate around, apart from some of the door being accessible but closed and others being closed and not accessible. You have to try your luck.

Ancient Egypt Museum

These Two small areas of the museum were my favorite. This was due to the fact it actually felt like a “real” Museum. Great information and facts about Ancient Egypt. It has an interactive screen in one of the rooms which seems the touch screen isn’t working very well.

The Items in the rooms was in very good condition, considering their age. One of the rooms is very dark but this is to stop light destroying the items and you can’t really argue with that.

Brighton Museum & Art Gallery

Old Ancient Egypt pottery And other Artifacts 

Brighton Museum & Art Gallery


Transology Museum

Brighton Museum & Art Gallery

Before I write about this subject, I must say I don’t want to offend anyone. Some of my wording might be “off”. If I say something wrong please leave a comment and I will update this in due time.

Brighton is the (unofficial) gay capital of England, you could expect something in this museum to do with the openness about sex (even when you look at this building most would think it would be would be out of place). When I walked in the transology I shocked as I wasn’t expecting it due to the museum having young school children there. But after reading about the museum which is milestones of each of the voices written around the room, it’s not a bad thing for kids to learn about, But probably not to see the Willys and boobs in jars. Saying this, the door was shut before entering.

I really enjoyed this room and learning and reading each of the stories, Learning more about the LBGT community and some of the struggles that they face.


Brighton Museum & Art Gallery


Brighton Museum & Art Gallery

Fake Penis and fake boobs

One of the ranges of t-shirts



Just didn’t get this room… It looked like my nan’s house!

Brighton Museum & Art Gallery

Modern Art and Festival Stuff

These rooms Scared me, Scared me the fact I paid money to look at these things!

Brighton Museum & Art Gallery

Scary looking painting… 3 artists?

Brighton Museum & Art Gallery

Festival outfits, Creepy face


Even though I didn’t enjoy these rooms, I was able to make some really good photos for our Instagram I love making parodies and funny photos.

Brighton Museum & Art Gallery

Felt a little sick

Brighton Museum & Art Gallery

Me trying to work what inspired the artist

Old furniture

Antique Roadshow anyone? This looked like an Auction House. The funny thing about this room was if you stand above it( where the photo at the top of the page was taken) you will see everyone just walk through the room, Not caring about anything!


Brighton Museum & Art Gallery

Bonus Stuff!

The Brighton Museum & Art Gallery is located in a lovely Victoria Gardens and you can get a discount to the Pavilion Gardens.

Here is a couple of photos of the Victoria Gardens.

Victoria Gardens Fox Brighton

Fox sitting just outside the Museum

Victoria Gardens

Victoria Gardens

Overall Thoughts

Would I visit this museum again? Hmm It’s a hard one, I didn’t exactly enjoy myself there. I felt the museum was a little basic. But looking on their website they are constantly updating this place and setting up new rooms

If I was bored in Brighton I might go back if there were new stuff too. I give the Brighton Museum & Art Gallery a 2.5  out of 5 but I can see others enjoying it more than me.

Thanks for reading, I have more articles on places and things in Brighton so make sure you have a look around the website!

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