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10 Things To Do When You’re Bored And Traveling

10 Things To Do When You’re Bored And Traveling

The Title of the Blog is Bored and Travelling, Not Of. Just thought I would state that 1st of all. This article is for people who are currently traveling but bored due to the fact they are not able to be on the road (actually traveling). This is my 10 top tips to keep you occupied when stuck in the same town for weeks if not months!

When you’re in a place for a long period of time, it can actually feel like your no longer traveling. “You Didn’t get on that plane, train or boat. Just to be stuck in another dead end place”. You want to see the world! I say “conquer this place 1st”.

Backwards town

1) look for the small details

You have not seen everything, go to the cafes that look a little dodgy, get a story or two. Go down that side street, try get lost!

There is plenty more to see you just need to open your eyes wider or stand closer!


2) Relax

You don’t need to always be on the road, enjoy being in one place for a period of time. Use this time to chill on the beach or around the pool (Cozy up in the accommodation with a good book. Cough cough Backpacks to Beer Taps )


3) Do something constructive

This is your best time to start learning that skill you told yourself you don’t have time for ( Starting to write that travel blog, That you promised your mum will be done the last Christmas Or learn how to play that instrument (we need more backpackers to learn to play Wonderwall)


4) Talk to other backpackers

Talk to the other travelers around you, Find out what they do in there free time and join in.


5) Just get out!

One of the reasons why you haven’t got anything to do is because you don’t know what there is to do. The more your out the house the more opportunities come your way.


6) Plan the next trip

What better time to research the next place on your bucket list! (if you need help writing yours, here is mine). Watch video’s, plan routes and work out money! You can go further in depth and do more next time.


7) watch YouTube videos about the place you are in

This is a great way to kill time but apart from that, you learn new things about where you are!


8) Go Crazy

All the above options are great but something you get stuck in the middle of nowhere with no Internet and nothing but a pen and paper. Going crazy is a good option. But what I mean by this is do something outside the box, why not start a treasure hunt for the next time someone is stuck there.


9) Join a Club

If you not too far out of a town there might teams and clubs and if you are stuck in the place for a while you can join in with the community.


10) Get drunk

Spend your free time drinking! This is always a good idea

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