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The Travel Book That Travels

Ever wondered how long that book has been on the shelf at the hostel? Well, I can’t tell you the time each book has been there but I can tell you about the select few books which were once owned by me and I happen to be the Author of. But you already know this, As you have one of the copies in your hands right now ( Just a guess, I’m not actually watching you.)

This book reads:

“Thanks, for picking up my book!

I’ve dropped a few books off all around the world

This one was dropped off at….. in…..

Take a Picture with the book (And send me it on FB or Email) or a picture of the book at a destination and I will share it on (This website)

Once you have finished the reading the book, drop it off at the next hostel, or give it to a fellow traveler.

There are blank pages at the back of the book for names and destinations too.

Enjoy the book

Enjoy your travels

And don’t forget to smash it!”

or something like that with the odd spelling mistake.

Want to update me on a book?


or FB:

If you were lucky enough to find one of these books post your photo of it on Instagram too!

Where are the books now? and who has owned them?

Cologne (Köln)

Me: Pathpoint Backpackers, Cologne on the 27/01/2019

(My Tip for Cologne: Head to the top of the Cathedral its worth the leg pain)

Pathpoint Cologne

Chai Pei Chee: Pathpoint Backpackers, Cologne on the 4/01/19

Pathpoint Koln Backpacks to Beer Taps

Enjoyed the book?

If you want your own copy that you can keep, Search for Backpacks to Beer Taps On Amazon or Click this link.

Thanks for being apart of the travel community, I look forward to more destinations and some more fantastic photos.

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Don’t forget to smash it!

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