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Bobby Duck

Bobby Duck

A travel photographer and videographer.
Works and takes part in comedy travel content

A Little History On Bobby Duck

Hi I’m Ross McIntrye

I wouldn’t even say I’m a part-time traveler, but I would love to travel more. I try and take a yearly trip away for at least a week with my Fiancée. The Last place we visited was Cyprus, even if we don’t leave the country (England) we will head to a Centre Parcs

I didn’t travel too much as a kid but when I was around 16 years old, I traveled around the state of Florida with my family and my friend Sean. He nearly killed me racing in the pool, but I got my own back when it came to being on the back of my jet ski, never seen anyone so scared.

Landscape in Bedfordshire by Bobby Duck
Landscape in Bedfordshire by Bobby Duck

What Does Bobby Duck Do Now?

Personally, I don’t feel I’m much of a travel creator at the current time. This is due to the fact I haven’t done too much in the way of travel creating.

But saying this, I have plans to help the Funny Backpacker (Sean Brett) by being the team’s photographer.

I don’t have the best photography skills in the world but what I lack in photography I make up for in ideas, commitment and not giving any eye contact to any of the public wondering why I’m taking photos of a guy in swimming shorts in the middle of winter.

As well as helping the funny backpacker with filming and camera work in 2020 around England I am hoping to get some “Actual” photography of the places a build my own portfolio which I’m happy to share with FSG Travels (This is because I’m not a massive fan of building my social media)

Is Bobby Duck looking to collab?

I’m happy to be currently working alongside the Funny Backpacker. But If you are wanting to join us on a challenge, I may be able to collaborate depending on the situation

Where To Find More Of Bobby Duck

He is an example of his content;

How to Support This Creator

Currently, I don’t have anyways I make any money.

I work for the Funny Backpacker, out the goodness of my heart. But he did say something about buying me a house in Florida with a  jet ski when he makes it

Support him to support me.

Photos Taken For FSG Travels

Once you go ginger you never look back

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