Focus on blogging over social media

Why I Have Decided To Focus On Blogging Over Social Media

Focus on blogging over Social media

I’ve spent over a year building a social media following of around 10,000 followers. Today I’ve decided to stop spending time building a “fanbase” and instead make great quality blogs. In this blog, I will lay out why I recommend doing the same and why I dislike the building of social media accounts.

This is a bit of a change of heart especially with me focusing so much time, money and more importantly energy into social media in the last year. But I have learned things about a side of social media that I dislike and how to balance my time more constructively. I will give you these tips, and try and save you a year of your life.

Here the issues with social media:

Social media is the short game

When you make any content for social media don’t expect it to stick around for too long. Yes, there are exceptions to this with the chance of things going viral and sticking around for years but these are rare and even viral meme and video stick around for less a month. You might even make something shared by 100,000’s and within 4 days be forgotten about (Yes I’ve seen this happen)

When you make a blog post the exact opposite thing happen. Unlike the quick fast likes and comments that social media brings. Blog posts can bring no traction for months( If not promoted on social media) then BOOM it gets views on google for years to come.

Having no control over my work

If Instagram decides my parodies have too many words in the pictures it lowers its reach. If Facebook thinks videos are too short, it lowers my reach. If Youtube thinks I swear too much… I have no control over my work and I end up making content based on what the social media offer.

Granted working on a website, I do change some of my layouts of writing to please google. But the way Google works is to do with the fact of pleasing the audience, not trying to punish me for having certain content. Google simply tries to fill a search need.

To much time “marketing” not enough time making

You can spend hours sharing content around all the different social media networks Share on Facebook, Facebook group, Facebook page, Facebook story… Then you move on to Instagram… Hours of promotion to the wrong people.

I did this for around a year, A lot of social media don’t reward you for this behavior, more against it. Reach go down. It just gets harder and harder

Facebook is for sharing stuff with your friends and if you want to promote yourself you should pay. Building advertisements and paying for the privilege to help others with your information doesn’t seem right.

While you have spent an hour promoting your content your unable to use that time to make more content, improve and learn, which is a better use of your time.

Fame hungry people and bad practices

This is one of the worst things about trying to “Make” it on social media is everyone else trying to do the same nowadays. Influencers and bloggers seem to be the in thing. (yes this is little hypocritical of me).  The ones who seem to do well on social media are the same people that piss people off.

They have really bad ways of trying to make it:

Spammers and Bots

Spammers and Bots are the worse things on social media. What is the point of leaving shitty comments on things, “Great post, Check out my page!”. Every time I see a comment like this on my content that I’ve spent hours making for others enjoyment or to help them, I just want to give up. I would rather have no comments on a post that bots and people that don’t give a shit.

People that scared to see others succeed

The people that want success for themselves but scared to see others succeed kill me inside. These people are scared to share great content from others but want others to share their content.

This is even worse when it comes to collaborating (The idea of teaming up on content) so many are scared that the other person will steal their ideas.

People want successful themselves, people are selfish. Don’t get me wrong when I see one of my facebook friends post how great there online business is going the 1st though is not that’s amazing, good for them. It’s more like “How have they got success I work harder than them“. Even if this is only a 2-second thought, it’s normally my 1st thought.

I now actively try not to think this way, As it doesn’t help others. I know to try and support as many people as possible, even If they wouldn’t ever support me. We should all try and do this… It would help you in the long run!

Fake following

Social media is full of fake followers. “Like4like” “Sub4Sub” and all this other bull! You can’t see real growth in any of the statistics of social media because X% is fake following you in the hopes you will follow back. You can’t work out if your content is actually any good.

The other problem with the fake following are the guys with 1000’s of fake following thinking they are big. Wanting you to pay to collaborate, wanting to be paid by-products and business and making a joke out of influence.

Free and Flaky

As social media are free to make and easy to set up, spend a week making an account then the next day make a different one. This floods the market with lots and lots of new accounts trying to make it as social media influencers.

Algorithm and experts

Probably seen about thousand ads on facebook telling me that this person is a social media expert! Made millions of dollars and can give you the secrets of the Algorithm. The funny thing is these guys have probably made a million but spent most of it on advertising to me!

They make most of their money from people paying them to find out how they make money. Which in turns makes more people selling this “nothing”. And the world is full of shit paid information!

The problems with each social media

Each of the social media has its own unique problems and why I have a growing dislike.


Is a sellout for content makers, Want to get reach PAY for it


Most people on twitter are not real, Automatic bots!


Spam comments are rewarded on Instagram. So ungenuine!


Too many people making videos not enough people wanting to watch these videos (I make travel videos but don’t often watch travel videos)


Spam your link and Leave

What the plan is now

I’m going to spend as little of possible time making content for social media. Yes, I know I make fantastic parodies both on Instagram and Youtube but unfortunately, I am focusing 100% time on one thing this is How I Plan To Be The Biggest Travel Blogger!

Doing this will help me make a mark on the travel industry and give me more time , money and Freedom to make some massive changes to travel blogging, blogging, influencing. But most importantly Helping me to inspire others to change their lives and travel (more).

Be back in the limelight when I have a reason too

Don’t worry I have big plans to come back onto social media… but that’s for another blog at a later day!

Thanks for reading

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