Adult Backpacker And Traveling Puns -The all-flight Puns for Instagram

Adult Travel Puns

Backpacker And Travelling Puns If you are looking for the best range of Adult Backpacker and Travelling puns then you’re in the right place! These Puns are extremely savage, they might start light but by the end, you will be crying. Let’s start you off nice and easy with some light puns Light Backpacker puns and Travelling puns Other travelers … Read More

Door Knocking Jobs In Australia – Is Hello Fresh A Backpacker Trap?

Door knocking scams

Door knocking jobs in Australia- Are they scams for backpackers? It took me 6 months to calmed down enough to write this article about Door knocking in Australia. I didn’t want to write about them straight away due to the fact I wanted a clear mind, to give you the facts and the figures. all opinions and negative facts are … Read More

Adult Australia Puns – Perth-fect Travel Puns For Instagram

Adult Australian Puns

Adult Australia puns These are some of the best Australia puns I could think of, they start light but they quickly become very dirty and for adults eyes only! Just want to double warn you how bad some of these puns are, So don’t go off crying when they leave you not being able to hear the word ‘Melbourne’ no … Read More

Adult Beach Puns- These Beaching Travel Puns For Instagram

Adult Beach Puns

Beach puns These are some of the best travel and funny beach puns, just a warning the puns get dirtier the low you go! I’ve had to add a second warning because some are still complaining that they are too rude. If you don’t want rude beach puns then look away now. Also, the ones at the bottom, don’t add … Read More

Costa Berries Gingin- The truth behind the 88 day farm work!

Costa Berries Gingin

Don’t work for Costa Berries Gingin! With a title like that, are you not scared about the large business, Costa Berries? What are they going to do, steal money from me? Oh too late! This blog is about their mistreatment of staff and how I think the 88 days should be scrapped. But I must state these are my experiences … Read More

What’s 88 Days Farm Work Like?- Australian Working Holiday Requirement

Farmwork in oz

What is the 88 days farm work requirement? In short, the 88 days farm work requirement is something you have to do to get your second year working holiday visa in Australia. This can range from jobs and tasks like picking fruits and vegetables to animal rearing. In this blog, I will be explaining what the 88 days are like … Read More