How To Make The Most Out Of Bali’s Blackouts

Blackouts of Bali

Blackouts and Bali Before I write anything in this article about the blackouts in Bali I would like to state that Bali Isn’t a scary place without modern electricity which has rolling blackout consistently which will ruin your holiday. Instead I would like to stress that blackouts can happen during your time in Bali. In this article, I will be … Read More

Cliffs Of Moher – Why So Many People Die Here

Cliffs of Moher

Deaths at the Cliffs Of Moher The beautiful Cliffs of Moher isn’t getting the Funny Backpacker’s review treatment like a lot of places around the world, but instead, Answering the question why is there so many deaths at the Cliffs of Moher? And I will be giving the information in the hope to save lives! I will be talking only … Read More

Adult Ireland Puns -Corky Puns For Instagram

Ireland Puns These are the best Irish puns available on the internet, I will challenge anyone who disagrees with that statement to a pun off. These puns are brilliant for anyone who is looking at traveling around Ireland and need some funny captions for Instagram or other social media. Just a warning these puns start off very weak, then move … Read More

Lots Of History In Galway, Ireland – Things To See

Galway Ireland

Galway Ireland This article is all about the history of the Cultural Capital of Europe. When heading to Galway I highly recommend a Guided Tour, They most likely will point out everything in the article and more. But Unlike the Tour Company, I am not local and I can only tell you things that I was told when I was … Read More

10 Amazing Ways To Travel And Not Give Up Work

Don't quit your job and travel

If you know anything about me, You will know that I’m the Funny Backpacker and I love to promote giving up your job and going traveling But this article, Is how to travel and keep working. I know work is more than just an income to many people and I had this mindset, less than 5 years ago and I … Read More

13 Things To Do And See In Fremantle (WA, Australia )

Fremantle See and Do

Fremantle, Perth Fremantle or Freo as it’s known to locals is one of my favorite places in the whole of Australia! If not the world! I spent 6 months living in Fremantle on a working holiday in Australia. There is so much to do and see there, I have made a list of things that you could probably squeeze into … Read More

Pathpoint Hostel Review – Is It Clean And Safe?

Pathpoint Hostel

Pathpoint Hostel Review Thinking about traveling around Cologne and not sure where to stay?Well, you should really think about staying in the Pathpoint Hostel in The heart of Köln. This is my own thoughts and opinions on the hostel. This review is mainly a positive review but this was not paid for by anyone, It’s just written by a fellow backpacker. Basic Infomation … Read More

Thetford Forest -Perfect Guide To Enjoy A Day Out In England

Thetford Forest

Thetford – Everything you want to know and more Time to give you a rundown of one of an English underrated hotspot for tourism, Thetford Forest. Some go there for a peaceful day looking at wonderful scenery others see it as an opportunity to become a thrill seeker. No matter what you want to visit the Thetford Forest for I will be covering it … Read More

Adult German Puns – Are These Puns Bratwurst Your Time?

German Puns

Adult German Puns These German puns are starting nice and friendly but don’t let this put you off! If you are after some filthy puns don’t worry. If you want nice and happy puns then stay at the top of the page. The further down the more “Adult” they get! As the Funny Backpacker, I love great puns especially travel puns … Read More

Best Place To Get Your Padlock For The Love Lock Bridge Cologne (Köln)

The Love Lock Bridge Cologne, Where to get padlocks from? Love is in the air, and padlocks on a bridge. If your planning on going to Cologne (Köln) or currently there you probably have heard about the wonderful Love Lock Bridge in Cologne which crosses the river Rhine. Which has thousands of padlocks on and is growing each day! In this … Read More