Bobby Duck: FSG Profile

A Little History On Bobby Duck Hi I’m Ross McIntrye I wouldn’t even say I’m a part-time traveler, but I would love to travel more. I try and take a yearly trip away for at least a week with my Fiancée. The Last place we visited was Cyprus, even if we don’t leave the country (England) we will head to … Read More

Funny Backpacker: FSG Profile

A Little History On The Funny Backpacker The Funny Backpacker is known to his friends and family as Sean Brett. He has been writing terrible blogs since 2016 where he wrote a fitness blog called DestinaSean. As you can see he no longer is interested in health and fitness. This moved on to writing a blog as a dental technician … Read More

How To Take Funny Travel Photos Like A Instagram Model

How to make insta Famous Travel Photos

Be The Next Instagram Famous Travel Model Do you have what it takes to become the next bigshot Instagram travel model? Maybe you just want some funny photos to show friends and family when arriving back home? Either way, you have found yourself in the hands of one of the funniest guys in the whole travel industry (Scrap that, The … Read More

How To Travel Your Own Country – Why This Should Be Your Next Step

How to travel around your own country

How To Travel Your Own Country There are many reasons why you should travel your own country, you might just be new to the whole travel idea, you could be back from travel and itching to go again, Or you worked out your country would be as good if not better than any other. Whatever the reason, this is the … Read More

Guide To Staying With Others (Airbnb, Hostels, House Shares…)

Dealing with people when Traveling

Guide To Staying With Others When Traveling When traveling there are times (if not all the time) that you will have to stay somewhere with others. This can be the most daunting task for any traveler, Some like myself find meeting new people fun and interesting. Where others find it close to hell, this article is for them. When planning … Read More

Ham Hill – Yeovil’s Underrated Gem For Travelers

Ham Hill Somerset

Everything You Need To Know About Ham Hill Do you want to see the beautiful sights of Somerset? Want to go to a place that others don’t seem to care about? Well lucky for you The Funny Backpacker has a covered again. I will tell you why you should spend some time at Ham Hill especially if you are in … Read More

Couples Break Up When Traveling – 101 Reasons Why

You Will Break Up When You Travel!

You Will Break Up When You Travel! Are you fed up of hearing ” If you two go traveling, you’re probably break up”? I heard this so many times before backpacking Australia. When backpacking, people were shocked to hear that I and my partner were traveling together and we didn’t just meet in Australia. The matter of the fact is … Read More

How to Master Vacation Mode (Holiday Mode) +Memes

Master Vacay Mode

How to Be the Master Of Vacation Mode! Hello and welcome to the best guide on the internet on how to become a black belt in vacation mode. How do I know it’s the best guide on the whole internet (quite possibly the world!), Well simply because no one would be stupid enough to waste there time writing about such … Read More

Cheapest and Easiest Way To/From Stansted Airport

Best way of getting to/ from Stansted airport

Cheapest and Easiest Way To/From Stansted Airport We all know how bad public transport can be. If you are yet to arrive in England, Then the cost of public transport is still going to shock you. For everyone else, The unreliability of public transport might be your biggest fear. Luckily for you, the Funny Backpacker is here again to save … Read More

Adult European Puns – Make Your Instagram Continent

Europe Puns

Puns For Everywhere in Europe These are the best puns for Europe on the internet. Please note these are Adult puns and I am not responsible for people with no sense of humor. Turn away now, this is your last chance! These are dirty jokes. Before I get to the puns, because most will read and just leave ( how … Read More