Want Your Blog To be Seen? Then Put Some Work In To It

Want your blog to be seen?

Here we go again. The Funny Backpacker VS The Blogging Community. This time I took shots at the lazy mofo’s that think writing once a month about shit is enough for you too make it in life. Want your blog to be seen? Then put some fucking effort into it!

A little disclaimer before I begin: I am not the best blogger in the world, nowhere near the best writer but what I do is spend 4 hours a day on writing when most of you are sleeping. Yes, I have a day job of 40 plus a week! So suck it.

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Let’s talk about the wannabe get rich quick ideas

Get rich quick idea = little effort, maximum reward. As humans, we love this idea, that why so many plays the lottery. But let me talk to you about the logistics of anything you do with little effort… Someone else can do it, quicker and better you.


Niche blogs/shops

For example, my facebook ads are full of niche marketing, This maybe Shopify stores or niche blogging. A niche is something that people want but no one is supplying it. How these shops or blogs work. You place your shop or blog in this niche on the internet and boom you have the market… How simple! Money!

Well not quite even if it was that simple. Someone will see your store/blog and think to themselves fuck that an easy way of making money… Boom they stole the niche because you spend little effort on your crappy shop/blog.

So how do these guys advertising make money? Time and Effort!

Time and Effort: learning to make really good blogs, making so many niche blog as possible, researching new niches.

If they hit such a gold mine of the niches, they wouldn’t need to waste time and effort coaching others? They would be rich within days like they coach.

Travel bloggers (and other wannabe bloggers) need to work harder

I have seen so many people writing much better content than me. Great stuff that would really help the travel industry, But they right 3 blogs over 3 months then give up! (write more, suck it up no one is reading, it’s not a race it will come)

Then there are the people writing bad blogs about how they had a shit at 3 am this morning and it was different to yesterday where than had a shit 2 am! Then moan about no-one reading their blogs (Writing a lot and not got no audience. Look a building better content and connect with fans)

When It comes to blogging, and you want to make it a full-time job. You really need 100,000 views a month- A million. If you not willing to work on developing more and better content for others and you just want money… F**k off! Do yourself a favor. Spend your hour or two on doing something better with your time.

How I try to write better blogs

When you make content you really want someone one to get something out of it! I normally write blogs for a past version of myself. The version of myself that haven’t learned or experienced what I am writing about for example I would have not worked at the raspberry farm after reading (Costa Berries Gingin- The truth behind the 88-day farm work!)I Don’t write these blogs for the masses, But for me.

Sometimes I write blogs about things that just annoy me, just to vent! For example; this blog. In the hope, someone who is doing the thing that annoys me stops doing it. Or it stops others from copying.

Other times, I look at the SEO, What’s being searched for and I know about write blogs to fill in that niche, I don’t do this to get rich quick but to help others out. Answer the question that people are looking for!

I try and be helpful as possible with my blogs, and funny! I Am currently writing 3/4 blogs a day spending serious time each day in the hope I one day will be able to spend full time on blogging.

To summarize if you want a blog to be seen.

Work hard, Make better content, make more blogs, Spend time learning how to write better and stop being lazy, Don’t give up and don’t do it for the money!

Thanks for reading

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