Blogging with basic

How to be travel blogger with only basics

How to travel blog with only basics

Don’t be basic Blogger, learn how to blog without the basics.

This blog is inspired due to the fact I’m without a laptop. I run a laptop into the ground within 8 months!

So instead of stressing about not being able to work, I’m going to share my experiences and other struggles you may face and how to get round them.

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Bad WiFi or no WiFi

Just writing that title it made me feel uneasy. We have all experienced in the modern age and felt trapped.

But as a travel blogger you probably had this experience of no or little WiFi more than most.

Normally you know when you might be going to a no WiFi zone for example, airplanes, new countries or off the beaten track.

These are my tips for dealing with no or little WiFi;

  • Don’t panic
  • Plan ahead, schedule post, warn fans before hand.
  • Use the time to build content
  • Look for WiFi , cafes and coffee shops … McDonald’s.
  • Mobile, 4g … 3g
  • Ask to use people phones as hotspots (be careful )

No camera

This is hard problem if your a Instagramer. But here is a couple of solutions

  • Use your phone
  • Use free photos online (pexcel)
  • Make free pictures (crello)
  • Draw then upload the pictures when you can
  • Make blogs still upload pictures later

No laptop

You use your laptop for most tasks when It comes down to travel blogging. Here how to get round things.

  • Use your phone
  • Build content
  • Internet cafes
  • Pay for others to help (Fiverr)

No money

This is a common one for all travel bloggers. Money makes the world go round … Or does it?

  • Read my blog on free resources
  • Enjoy the little things, take pictures of free parks and other places
  • Posting conent doesn’t cost anything
  • Be creative

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